10 Golden Principles When Choosing Colors for Design Templates

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10 Golden Principles When Choosing Colors for Design Templates

Choosing colors greatly affects our lives: clothing colors, shoes, accessories… And in logo design or catalog design, whether printed on paper or not, color plays a vital role in conveying the message and content of the product it introduces.

hopcungcaocap.vn-bao bì giấy hoàng vương-10 Nguyên Tắc Vàng Khi Chọn Màu Cho Các Mẫu Thiết Kế

Color is an essential factor in attracting the attention of customers. Therefore, they need to be eye-catching. That’s why choosing a color theme is not easy and requires investing a lot of time and must be taken seriously. As a designer, you must learn how to choose the right colors by understanding the aspects that hopcungcaocap.vn wants to introduce below.

1/ Learn about the company

You need to thoroughly research the company: what industry they are in, what products or services they offer, their culture, work principles, etc. This is very important so you can choose colors that accurately reflect the company’s spirit. Look at the current logo and other colors being used in the office. They may have a unique color scheme that you should apply.

2/ Consider the company’s preferences

Find out what the company owner really likes. You can look at the overall items the company is using, such as uniforms, logos, and more. A company may have several typical colors for their image, and make sure the color you choose has similarities with those criteria.

3/ Understand the essence of the job

You should learn about the purpose of this job: web design, catalog design, introduction template (brochure) … and whether they will be printed. Ask the company about the number of colors they want to use, and the content they want to convey, such as images, illustrations… Determine whether the dyes will help the overall image stand out or only support the text content. Make sure you understand the project before starting to avoid potential mistakes.

hopcungcaocap.vn-bao bì giấy hoàng vương-10 Nguyên Tắc Vàng Khi Chọn Màu Cho Các Mẫu Thiết Kế

4/ Researching the company’s competitors

You need to ensure that the design of the client company is different and unique. This means you should spend time researching the competitors and the company’s market to see their colors. From there, you can choose the appropriate colors to make the product stand out.

5/ Target customers that the design is aimed at

The company’s target customers are also a very important factor in choosing the colors. Each age, gender, geographical location, etc., has its suitable color. Some color combinations appeal to women, while others appeal to men. If the target audience is children, the colors used will be different. You should also consider color-blind customers.

6/ Duration of use of the design

You should find out how long this project will be used in a special campaign or an extended period. Companies like logo designs that still look new and fresh over the years, while poster designs used for an event may have color changes. This also depends on the type of event they are used for.

7/ Influence on customers

It would be best if you spent time researching to choose a design color that positively impacts customers and the market. Each shade carries a special meaning to the industry. For example, supporting peace is associated with white, while red represents war. Meanwhile, a flower company using red indicates a connection to roses.

hopcungcaocap.vn-bao bì giấy hoàng vương-10 Nguyên Tắc Vàng Khi Chọn Màu Cho Các Mẫu Thiết Kế

8/ Emotions reflected in design

Each color has its meaning and emotion. You can reflect the message the company wants to convey to its target customers through color. You should use bright, transparent colors if it’s a young and dynamic company. If it’s a severe and complex company, you should choose a combination of brown colors with their different shades. There will be many states; you should list the emotions and atmosphere you want to convey with the corresponding colors. This can be an effective tool for selecting colors.

9/ Ability to attract and perceive

Color themes must attract and impress everyone. You should also consider color-blind individuals, even though they only comprise a small percentage of society. Consider the design so that even color-blind people can feel and understand the message you want to convey.

10/ Consider the contribution to the success of the company

We must admit that color is very important in fields like marketing, design, and others. The color scheme you design can affect the success or failure of the company. You should consider the company’s purpose, strategy, and vision to choose the appropriate colors. Sometimes, through the design samples, colors can express a message that language cannot.


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