3 Secrets to Printing Quality Paper Packaging for the Food Industry

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3 Secrets to Printing Quality Paper Packaging for the Food Industry

In today’s fiercely competitive market, packaging has become one of the top factors that boost a business’s competitiveness. Especially in the food technology industry, the role of packaging printing is vital. Due to the nature of short-term use, food packaging (paper packaging for food) must be truly impressive to stay in the minds of consumers and hit their buying psychology.

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Every business knows the vital role of packaging, but the question is, how to choose the most suitable paper packaging for their product characteristics? In this article, hopcungcaocap.vn will answer this question for you.

1/ Choose the material

Depending on the characteristics of your company’s products, you can choose the appropriate material for your packaging, boxes, and bags.

The paper may be a more practical choice for fast food brands (such as sandwiches, fried chicken, and drinks for office workers…). Paper packaging is competitively priced (the cheapest of all materials) and has suitable water absorption properties for products delivered far from the store. In addition, paper bags also have another outstanding advantage, which is easy to decompose and environmentally friendly.

Choose the appropriate packaging material depending on the product characteristics for packaged food brands (milk, fruit juice…) and long shelf life food products (such as snacks, instant noodles, candy…). For example, a business selling fresh milk with a shelf life of 3-5 days should use paper boxes or paper bags, but if this business sells candy, plastic packaging or cardboard boxes may be more suitable.

For high-end food brands: you should use glass bottles or boxes, then attach beautiful and sophisticated labels to these luxurious materials to show off your company’s product class.

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Two/ Design choice

Unlike other brands, for food technology, design plays a role in stimulating consumer purchasing behavior. One design secret used by many famous brands is to use both red and green colors in their design. Science has proven that these are two colors that stimulate human taste buds. In addition, large decorative patterns are also encouraged to be used. Many studies have shown that large prints help people feel more satisfied and relaxed.

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Three/ Quality control in a printing

Printing quality plays a crucial role in the success of product packaging. No matter how beautifully designed and well-made the material is, if the printing quality is poor, it will only result in a failed product. Good printing quality means that your product message is conveyed truthfully, transparently, and respectfully to customers.

However, we often cannot control the printing quality as it is related to the printing partner of the company. Nevertheless, you can limit errors in the printing process by carefully checking the stages before and after designing, regularly reviewing the printing process, reporting to the printing company immediately if any unexpected errors occur, and, most importantly, choosing a printing partner cautiously. In the printing industry, reputation is usually proportional to quality.


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