3 Steps to Creating a Memorable Brand Image in Customers’ Minds

3 Steps to Creating a Memorable Brand Image in Customers’ Minds

It’s time for Asian businesses in general, and Vietnamese companies in particular, to stop investing in “flashy” advertising and instead build a distinctive brand identity.

Here are three steps to successfully creating a memorable brand image in customers’ minds:

1/ Differentiate through every brand identity characteristic

Businesses should start by comparing the visual tools used in advertising, product packaging, or at their brand’s touchpoints with their competitors based on the following aspects: image, layout, color, graphics, font, tone, and packaging design.

Place all the visual tools of competitors side by side and try to eliminate overly prominent identifying features. For example, if you cannot recognize the unique style of your brand’s logo, you know what to do next.

Design consultants at Consulus use this method to demonstrate that design is a scientific field that builds brand identity instead of virtual values.

In this way, someone not trained in design thinking can also understand the value of design. Through years of consulting, we have found that changing customers’ perspective through asymmetric design will increase their ability to perceive and bond with the brand.

Two/ Clearly define the purpose of each type of visual tool

Place the various kinds of visual tools (advertisements, packaging, brochures…) in the chain of customer touchpoints and decide how you want customers to react to these tools at different times.


The following three principles can be applied to different types of visual communication tools:

Purpose of the tool: to increase awareness, educate, or influence the customer’s decision.

Desired response: to create a lasting memory, change thinking, or prompt action.

Desired action: to make contact, conduct further research, or be remembered.

Even if advertising on mobile devices or large billboards, you still need to clearly define the purpose of visual tools to ensure that customers can recognize your brand within 3-4 seconds of looking at them. Her customers can identify the brand through its visual tools or not.

If a brand cannot imprint uniform identification signs in customers’ minds, the investment in that brand’s advertising and communication will become a waste.

Three/ Aim to enhance brand recognition and reduce unnecessary diversity

After building a brand identity, the vital thing to do is to evaluate brand recognition annually by interviewing a group to study whether customers can identify the brand through its visual tools.

The test is conducted as follows: will customers still recognize your brand through visual identification tools if you remove the logo? This method is very effective for testing customer psychology in researching brand recognition.

However, evaluating after at least one year is only recommended for newly established brands that have just launched a new brand identity. For small brands, surveys and evaluations should only be conducted in the most concentrated strategic market where the brand appears, as the key here is to determine whether visual cues affect the brand’s target audience.

Regular evaluations will help companies decide whether to enhance brand recognition or not. In addition to substantial advertising budgets, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have become the two most influential brands in the world because they manage the development of brand identity very tightly.

When Coca-Cola entered the Myanmar market in 2013, the face of their advertisement on billboards was not the center of attention but instead focused on the logo and distinctive bottle shape of Coca-Cola.

This demonstrates the power of an international-scale brand, as those brands are famous stars in the modern era. Their success lies in consistently maintaining brand recognition over the long term through distinctively visual language rather than relying on prominent celebrities’ fame.


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