4 Advantages of Paper Bags for Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes That Help Businesses Earn Huge Profits


4 Advantages of Paper Bags for Mid-Autumn Festival Mooncakes That Help Businesses Earn Huge Profits

The Mid-Autumn Festival or the Full Moon Festival is usually known as the Children’s Festival and is held on the 15th of August in the lunar calendar every year. On this day, many events and activities will be organized for children, and adults can also participate.


This is an opportunity for loved ones in the family to have a chance to get closer to each other, to gather together to enjoy hot tea and delicious cakes under the bright full moonlight of the Mid-Autumn night.

For Vietnamese people, Mid-Autumn Festival is also an occasion to show their care and sincerity for their relatives, friends, colleagues, etc., by giving each other luxurious and eye-catching mooncake boxes.

However, just having a plain mooncake box is not enough; it needs to have an outer layer of paper bags for Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes to show the value of the gift inside and simultaneously demonstrate the giver’s intentions for the recipient clearly.


Although the market for mooncakes has expanded, the level of competition is increasingly fierce. Not only for small cake brands but even the big ones in the industry, like Kinh Do or ABC, it is also extremely difficult if they do not invest in the stage of mooncake paper bags. Packaging and branding are two criteria that determine 50% of the success of companies. Therefore, every year a series of models of paper bags and boxes for mooncakes are created.

Due to the variety of designs and the convenience that paper bags for mooncakes bring, more and more units are ordering custom-made paper bags to keep up with customers’ preferences.

4 advantages of paper bags for mooncakes that help businesses generate huge profits:

1. Helps to safely preserve cakes

The role of the Mid-Autumn Festival mooncake paper bag is primarily to contain, protect, and preserve the mooncake. The bag will wrap the cake tightly and allow for easy display at stores or markets without worrying about insects or external environmental factors affecting the quality of the cake.

As it is made from environmentally friendly paper materials, the mooncake paper bag is not harmful to human health.


2. Attract customers and enhance product value

The paper bag for mooncakes has long been popular for its characteristics such as thickness, no warping or bending, good elasticity and hardness, smooth paper surface and clear print quality, without smudging or ink flying. Therefore, compared to other packaging materials, paper bags are seen as a way to help mooncake manufacturers and businesses attract customers to buy mooncakes.

Thanks to the high aesthetic value of the paper bag for mooncakes, the value of mooncakes is also significantly increased. The beautiful and sweet mooncakes packaged in elegant boxes and exquisitely designed bags will make people feel several times more satisfied. The recipient of the mooncakes will also feel more secure, appreciate and cherish the gift more when receiving it.


3. A great PR and marketing tool that helps with brand recognition

Just like any other product, mooncakes also need a clear brand, logo, label, and production base. This is essential because food safety is a major concern for consumers today. Consumers are smart and they will not buy a box of mooncakes without knowing its origin and source. All information about the manufacturer printed on the paper bag will be the only thing that customers trust.

Among countless different brands, you need to find a design that is truly unique and impressive compared to others. If your design is beautiful and impressive, customers will be immediately attracted. Once customers hold your product and admire it, you have an impressive paper bag and a high chance of selling your product. Customers will also remember the brand name, logo, and shape deeply in their minds and promise to come back for more later.


4. Paper bags for mooncakes are easy to process and style

After printing, we can process the bags to increase their aesthetics and attract customers. Some popular techniques nowadays include punching holes, hot stamping, foil stamping, embossing, surface glossy coating, etc. Paper bags are very convenient to carry. Moreover, it seems that the design ideas for mooncake boxes are running out. Therefore, paper bags for mooncakes are becoming a target of exploitation with many new and creative designs on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

If your mooncakes are delicious, you will retain a few loyal customers. But if your mooncake bags are beautiful, you will have countless new customers.


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