5 Great Advantages of Using Paper Pallets That Every Business Must Know


5 Great Advantages of Using Paper Pallets That Every Business Must Know

A pallet is a flat structure used to secure goods when a forklift or other transport equipment lifts them. Pallets have the basic structure of a load unit that allows for efficient transport and storage in a warehouse. Most pallets are made of wood or plastic. However, paper pallets have been introduced to meet the increasing market demands and society’s development, especially the current environmental pollution problem when using traditional pallets. Let’s explore the top 5 advantages of paper pallets with Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Co., Ltd.:


One/ Attractive Cost of Paper Pallets

Paper pallets have an attractive cost-saving advantage for businesses. Paper pallets ensure that goods are neatly stacked and the number of products can be easily controlled without tilting or shifting as they are securely strapped together.

Paper pallets also save transportation costs. When goods are exported by air, the fees are usually calculated by weight. Paper pallets are lightweight and insignificant but still sturdy, making them an excellent factor for the industry to export goods abroad.


2/ Pallet Paper Ensures the Best Quality and Safety for Goods

Paper pallets do not contain any elements that can damage products. They do not have sharp nails or complex objects that can cause damage to goods, reducing the risk of dents, cuts, or other damage to products. Additionally, paper pallets can absorb moisture and are water-resistant, making them an excellent option for shipping goods.


Three/ Paper Pallets Have Simple Customs Procedures

Unlike other pallets, when going through customs clearance for exports, paper pallets do not require strict disease control inspections or fumigation. This makes customs clearance for goods on paper pallets much more convenient, shortening delivery times and avoiding traffic congestion due to minor issues.


4/ Paper Pallets Are Environmentally Friendly Materials

With the standard of modern industry being good environmental protection, finding a product that can be recycled without exploiting other resources is a top priority. Paper pallets are made from paper that can be biodegraded. Therefore, paper pallets are an extremely environmentally friendly product.


Five/ Paper Pallets Have Diverse Designs

The design of paper pallets is not complex in terms of form. The production technology is also relatively simple, but this type of pallet can withstand a large load. With many different types of paper pallets, such as 3-leg paper pallets, 9-leg paper pallets, honeycomb paper pallets, special paper pallets, etc., it is easy for consumers to choose a product that suits their needs.

The above convenient advantages explain why paper pallets are the top priority for businesses producing exported goods.


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