5 Important Factors That Determine the Quality of Pharmaceutical Packaging

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5 Important Factors That Determine the Quality of Pharmaceutical Packaging

Printing on packaging is no longer the exclusive domain of any industry, but every product needs packaging. Each field will have its standards for packaging.

Designing and printing packaging for the pharmaceutical industry not only needs to meet general artistic standards but also meets the strict requirements characteristic of the healthcare industry. Here are 5 secrets to getting high-quality packaging in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Build trust

Pharmaceuticals in particular and the healthcare industry in general are businesses directly related to human health, so trust is a top priority. To gain trust for pharmaceutical packaging design, it is necessary to first understand the overall design requirements, focusing on core values ​​of health, humanity, and safety. Then pay attention to the layout, images, fonts, etc., all linked together to create the most scientific and professional message.

Highlight unique formulas and technologies

Each product will use different patented formulas and technologies to create unique health benefits for humans. Therefore, consumers are very interested in the manufacturing formula of the product. The current trend in the pharmaceutical industry is to use formulas and technologies that are environmentally friendly. If your brand is also heading in this direction, it is believed to win certain affections of consumers.

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Clearly demonstrate the origin and source

There are many ways to demonstrate the origin of a product. You can use images to evoke associations with a country, region, or even the herbal species used to extract and create the product. For each element, it is best to choose the most distinctive one to show the uniqueness of the product, rather than using too many elements which can dilute the message and even cause a negative reaction from customers.

Show distinctiveness compared to other brands

The design of pharmaceutical packaging prioritizes simplicity in color. The color tones commonly used are cool shades such as green, blue, and indigo. Bright and flashy colors should not be used as they create contrast and diminish the aesthetic value, thereby reducing trust in the professionalism of the product.

Provide complete drug label information

In addition to focusing on images, pharmaceutical packaging design also needs to ensure full drug label information including: drug name, composition, origin, regulations on use – storage – contraindications, etc. This information needs to be arranged in a scientific, reasonable order to avoid affecting the effectiveness of the image part in the design sample.

With the 5 tips we just shared, you can not only have a standard packaging design but also turn it into an attractive tool to attract potential customers. If you don’t have an idea for your brand’s pharmaceutical packaging design, contact experts in the packaging design field so they can advise you quickly, efficiently, and accurately.


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