All about high-end paper bags

All about high-end paper bags

Your product is beautiful, so you can’t just put it in ordinary packaging. It would be best if you had a paper box or paper bag that is aesthetically pleasing and of high quality to match the level of your product. It could be a high-end paper box, a high-end paper bag, or both, especially for Tet gift boxes, mooncake boxes, or high-end gift boxes.

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Premium paper bags are an essential part of the packaging that plays a crucial role in enhancing the value of a product.

What is a high-end paper bag?

A high-end paper bag is an essential part of the packaging that helps enhance the value of a product. That’s why many famous brands are willing to invest in producing beautiful, high-quality, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing paper bags by using premium paper materials and meticulously crafting the finished product with techniques such as embossing, foil stamping, UV coating, and more.

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The material used to make high-end paper bags is usually art paper because it creates a significant difference in aesthetics.

The material used to make high-end paper bags is usually art paper because it creates a significant difference in aesthetics. We can use wood grain surfaces or metallic paper with diverse and beautiful colors, and customers can choose freely.

After printing, the paper bag will be carefully checked for quality to ensure the color matches the design. Next, we emboss the logo, patterns, and UV spraying to shape essential practices. You can also add a texture to the bag to create an effect.

High-end paper bags with handles will use cords such as ribbons, satin, and silk to make the handles, creating a sense of class. Attaching handles to the bag is also an important step, as it directly affects the aesthetics and durability of the paper bag.

Common types of paper bags

There are many ways to classify paper bags, but based on the materials used to make them, we have the following commonly used types:

(1) Kraft paper bag

  • This type of bag is made from recycled materials and is brown, similar to cement bags. The characteristic of kraft paper bags is that they have two identical sides, are non-toxic, and have strong moisture absorption ability. The patterns printed on kraft paper bags are usually simple and not colorful. Nowadays, kraft paper bags are more beautiful thanks to modern printing technology and improvements to make them more convenient.

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Paper bags are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags.

(2) Duplex paper bag

  • This type of bag is higher-end than kraft paper bags. The outside of the duplex paper bag is glossy and smooth, while the inside is rough. This is your best choice if you need a cheap yet aesthetically pleasing paper bag.

(3) Couche paper bag

  • This type of bag is more durable than kraft paper bags and duplex paper bags. Couche paper bags have both glossy and smooth inner and outer surfaces and are bright white. This bag is more expensive than the previous two types and is often used as a high-end gift bag to enhance the value of gifts or products.

(4) Ivory Paper Bags

  • These are high-quality paper bags with smooth, glossy, and white surfaces. Ivory paper bags are among the most premium paper bags used today and are commonly used for gifting at conferences, weddings, or high-end packaging products.

(5) Bristol Paper Bags

  • These are higher-end than Couche paper bags. Bristol paper bags are made from thicker paper and have a good ink adhesion ability. We can be assured of the quality of the image and patterns when printing on this type of paper.

(6) Art Paper Bags

  • These are paper bags with high artistic and creative value. Typically, this type of bag is produced for particular purposes.

(7) Ford Paper Bags

  • These are paper bags widely used in digital printing and offset printing. Nowadays, people often use this type of bag as document bags or office supplies in companies.

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