Beautiful decal printing and what you need to know!

Beautiful decal printing and what you need to know!

Printing decals is an essential job to protect your products and brand. Beautiful and high-quality decal printing will help you assert your brand name. That’s important, but do you know anything about decal printing yet? Now, join Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging to learn about the concept, classification, and popular techniques for beautiful, high-quality decal printing today!

Concept of the decal and decal printing

Decal is a material coated with an adhesive layer on the outside to create gloss and protect the paper layer inside. After peeling off the backing layer, you can easily stick it onto the product with the adhesive coating on the back. This product has many applications in daily life, such as printing labels, tear-off labels, sticking on motorbikes, and cars, printing advertising posters, banners, etc.

Decal printing is ink to print on decal material, which has adhesive and can stick under the influence of external forces. Decal printing technology is a solution for those who want fast printing while ensuring quality, and the cost is cheaper than silk screen printing.

Decal is a material coated with a layer of adhesive on the outside to create a shiny and protective layer for the paper inside.

Decal printing brings many benefits, such as:

  • It can be stuck on many materials: Wood, plastic, glass, metal, foam bags, .etc.
  • Various ink: can be water-based or UV ink.
  • Use diverse printing technologies: Digital, offset, screen printing, flexo, etc.
  • Can be stuck on fabric material: This is one of the most significant benefits not many materials on the market can offer.

Some common types of decals that are currently used the most are:

  • (1) Paper decals: This type of decal has two sides, one for printing product information and the other for being coated with self-adhesive glue. With the advantage of low cost and fast printing, it is the most widely used among all types of decals.
  • (2) Plastic decals: Similar to paper decals, plastic decals also consist of 2 sides: one is the plastic material, and the other is coated with self-adhesive glue. This type of decal has good quality, can be soaked in water, and has long-lasting color durability, so it has a broader range of applications, especially in printing posters and advertisements. In addition, this material is also widely used in the medical equipment manufacturing and mechanical engineering industries.
  • (3) Kraft paper decals: This type of decal is very environmentally friendly and cheap, so many people love and use it. However, the advantage of this material is that it is easy to tear and absorb water. Therefore, you can only use it to stick on indoor products or dry goods.

Printing high-quality decals will help you establish your brand name in the market.

The most common techniques for printing beautiful decals nowadays

Printing on decal material in our country has become much easier thanks to the help of various printing machines. Among them are two popular techniques for printing beautiful decals: digital decal printing and offset decal printing. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages; customers can choose the most suitable option depending on the printing needs and the number of prints.

Two standard techniques for printing beautiful decals are digital decal printing and offset decal printing.

1. Digital decal printing

As one of the most common printing techniques, this type is suitable for customers who need to print small quantities of decals. This method uses technology to cut letters, patterns, and decorations according to the customer’s ideas and preferences.

The advantage of this printing technology is that customers can get the finished product right away without taking too much time. However, the cost of this method is higher than other printing techniques.

2. Offset decal printing

This is the ideal choice for customers needing to print products in large quantities. The outstanding advantages of using this printing technique are as follows:

  • Can print large amounts at a low cost
  • High-quality, sharp, and delicate images
  • The printed copies have higher durability
  • It can print on various surfaces, including uneven surfaces, making it easier to create prints.

Above is some shared information about beautiful decal printing techniques. Hopefully, the article has provided you with helpful information. If you need to print packaging for products, please get in touch with us:


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