Beautiful, luxurious, and affordable 2021 New Year gift box printing design

Hộp đựng quà tết 2021

Tet is a time of intersection between the Old and New Year. This is when people give each other meaningful gifts as a congratulatory message for a good and peaceful new year. And the demand for printing Tet gift boxes is also noticed by many people on the occasion of the New Year and Tet. Here are some suggestions to help you send your customers, employees, and partners the most meaningful Tet 2021 gift boxes!

Mẫu hộp quà tết 01

Sample Tet gift box 01

How to choose Tet gift boxes for businesses

For businesses to choose the most suitable Tet gift box templates, we will guide you through some of the following contents:

Depending on the people receiving The gifts

First, you need to categorize the recipients of the gift. Consider the level of closeness and cooperation to choose the right gifts. Each different object group will have other gift box contents.

Find out the needs and preferences of the gift recipient

For gift boxes to be meaningful, they must be helpful to the recipient. Therefore, surveying the needs and preferences of the gift recipient also helps you choose the right gifts for the recipient. The meticulousness and thoughtfulness in selecting gifts will help you score points in the eyes of partners and customers.

Determine a reasonable budget

Balancing the budget is extremely necessary every Tet holiday. Every business needs to consider its costs for Tet gifts. Since this is an important annual event, including it in the cost estimate at the beginning of the year will help businesses balance the revenue and expenditure of the unit.

Choose a professional New Year gift box printing design company

To choose a professional gift box printing company, you must survey several units’ prices to compare, contrast, and find the most qualified team. However, not all print design units with “low” prices are quality. To be safe, you can refer to information on social networking sites or view reviews—the costs of customers who have partnered with that printing company.

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Sample Tet gift box 02

How much does the 2021 Tet gift box cost in the market?

Currently, on the market, gift boxes for Tet 2021 can fluctuate at the following prices:

  • Tet gift box priced at 300,000 VND is usually pre-packaged in stores, supermarkets, etc. Inside there are products such as cakes, sweets, tea, etc.
  • Gift box worth 500,000 VND: This is the popular price chosen by many people. The gift box will contain chocolate, dried fruit, imported wine, etc. The quality of the gift box is also relatively stable.
  • Gift boxes over 1,000,000 VND: These are relatively high-class and luxurious gift boxes. From the design of the gift box material to the gift products inside, all show the brand’s class. The quality of the products inside the gift boxes is paid particular attention to; they both express the sincerity and feelings the business wants to convey to its close companions in the journey of formation and development.
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Sample Tet gift box 03

Low, beautiful, and luxurious 2021 Tet gift box design and printing service

Tet gifts are something to give each other every new spring and a way to show people’s feelings for each other. Therefore, the design and printing of a beautiful and quality 2021 New Year gift box also help express the sender’s sincerity about the small details of the gift.

Let Hoang Vuong accompany to bring products bearing the brand’s imprint to the hands of close customers and partners. Coming to Hoang Vuong, you will receive free design advice on the most beautiful and impressive Tet gift box designs, besides with the effort to bring customers the products at the most reasonable price. We have applied the most advanced and modern printing technologies to reduce costs in the production process, thereby reducing production costs in a way that benefits consumers.

Thanks to the efforts and efforts to bring positive values to customers and more than ten years of establishment and development, Hoang Vuong has won the trust of many leading enterprises across the country.

What are you waiting for without immediately contacting Hoang Vuong for information on low, beautiful, and luxurious 2021 gift box design and printing services? We are happy to serve you!


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