Beautiful, luxurious, and affordable Tet gift boxes in 2024!

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Beautiful, luxurious, and affordable Tet gift boxes in 2024!

It is not difficult to realize that the demand for increased Tet experience is being increasingly emphasized. People pay quite a lot of attention to the design and quality of Tet gift boxes, and they expect Tet gift boxes in 2024 to be more diverse than in previous years.

Trends in choosing Tet gifts in 2024

This year, the trend for choosing Tet gifts can be traditional, modern, or individually designed gift boxes for an individual or organization. In addition, the products in the box must be of high quality and come from reputable brands to increase value.

Specifically, people might be interested in:

  • Gift boxes from famous brands and premium products, especially those containing specialty products and delicious food.
  • Gift boxes can be customized to meet individual needs by selecting products and arranging them according to each person’s preferences.
  • Gift boxes with products that have cultural significance.
  • Tet gift boxes that combine technology and shopping experience. For example, gift boxes with a mobile app for interaction and sharing experiences.
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Tet gift box trends in 2024

Ideas for Tet gift boxes in 2024

Here are some ideas for Tet gift boxes in 2024 that will help you enjoy every moment with your loved ones and score points in the eyes of your customers, partners, or superiors:

  • Gift boxes include unique specialties from different regions, such as cakes, fruits, dry goods, food, etc.
  • Collection of premium, delicious tea and coffee
  • Healthy wellness products: Supplements, bird’s nest, cereals .etc
  • Cosmetics, spa products, or beauty care vouchers
  • Vouchers for travel, hotels, and culinary experiences
  • Handmade products, books, scented candles, .etc
  • Family souvenirs, books, albums, kitchen accessories, decorative items, .etc
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Ideas for Tet gift boxes in 2024

Some tips for choosing Tet gifts

No matter what type of Tet gift you choose to send, you need to keep in mind:

  • Recipient: You must see who the recipient is to choose the correct gift box. For customers, partners, and superiors, you should select gift boxes that express luxury, class, and sophistication. When giving Tet gifts to loved ones, you can choose close and friendly products that are no less novel.
  • Meaning of gifts: Don’t forget to prioritize choosing products that have the meaning of good luck, wealth, and overflowing happiness to give during the Lunar New Year.
  • Budget: Finally, you need to determine your budget before choosing Tet gifts to ensure that you can afford them without going over your plan.

Tet 2024 gift box models

Let’s take a look at some beautiful gift box models suitable for making Tet gift boxes this year:

Tet gift box sample (1)

Tet gift box sample (2)

Tet gift box sample (3)

Tet gift box sample (4)

Tet gift box sample (5)

Tet gift box sample (6)

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Tet gift box sample (7)

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Tet gift box sample (8)

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Tet gift box sample (9)

Places to buy beautiful, luxurious, and affordable Tet gift boxes in 2024!

Operating in paper packaging since 2019, Hoang Vuong paper packaging is proud to be one of the leading providers of quality Tet gift boxes in Vietnam today.

We have been and are partnering with many major brands in Vietnam and abroad with various products such as soft paper boxes, rigid paper boxes, cardboard boxes, gift boxes of all kinds, and labeling and decal printing services.

With a professional work process, a team of skilled employees, and modern machinery, Hoang Vuong has produced a wide variety of unique and sophisticated Tet gift boxes that meet the needs of consumers.

We are ready to bring you exquisite and luxurious 2024 Tet gift box models that fully meet the quality and price criteria. Many year-end deals are waiting for you; contact us today!

Premium Tet gift boxes

Operating under the motto of “Pioneering Quality,” Hoang Vuong consistently aims for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. We proudly hold the following certifications:

  • FSC Certification: FSC-C187470
  • GMI Certification
  • G7 Certification
  • ISO 9001:2015

With over 13 years of experience in the paper packaging industry and a solid brand reputation, Hoang Vuong is a leading private paper packaging enterprise in Vietnam, partnering with numerous major brands locally and internationally. We accompany your company on the journey of innovation, seeking differentiation through continuous improvement. Your success is both an achievement and motivation for us to continue innovating and maintaining professionalism.

  • Address: 10/6C Street 10, Binh Hung Hoa A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Mobile: 0908.863.965 (Mr. Le Hong Son)
  • Phone: 028.62696129 – 028.22481926
  • FAX: 08.62696032
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  • Fanpage: Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Company Limited.


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