Buying and selling paper for packaging printing

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Buying and selling paper for packaging printing

Hopcungcaocap – The printing and packaging industry is growing day by day. Therefore, the demand for using paper for packaging printing is also increasing. To have beautiful, luxurious, and eye-catching packaging products, you must choose a reputable, quality paper supplier with a brand on the market for buying and selling paper for packaging printing services!

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Buying and selling paper for packaging printing service of Hoang Vuong Packaging

In addition to designing and manufacturing paper packaging, paper bags, and hard carton boxes, Hoang Vuong Packaging is also a unit specializing in importing and distributing various types of paper used in the packaging industry, such as kraft paper, Bristol paper, couche paper, ford paper, duplex paper, etc.

We carefully inspect the quality of our paper packaging products before importing them from countries such as Finland (M-real), South Korea (Deahan), Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. Therefore, the paper quality always meets standards and can meet all customer needs in product packaging printing.

Because we import paper for packaging production, customers who choose design, printing, and packaging services at Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging will always receive competitive prices compared to other units in the market. In addition, the quality of the products is always guaranteed to be the best. We also provide cutting and trimming paper rolls upon request.

Types of paper for product packaging printing:

Kraft paper

This is a popular type of paper that is widely used and comes in two types: white kraft paper and brown kraft paper (or cement paper). Kraft paper is suitable for simple, environmentally friendly designs. The printing technology for kraft paper is usually 2-color offset printing. With low-cost, non-toxic properties, kraft paper is a popular choice for making paper bags and packaging.

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Paper couche

Couche paper is a type of paper used for printing flyers, brochures, or catalogs. The characteristic of this paper is shiny, smooth, and when exposed to light, it looks very attractive. With these characteristics, couche paper has a slightly higher cost, but it brings luxury, elegance, and professionalism to the product, enhancing the effectiveness of the brand promotion.

Duplex paper

It has one side similar to couche paper, and one side darker. Duplex paper can be used to print paper bags for various products. The cost of printing on duplex paper is lower than that of couche paper, so duplex paper is widely used. To increase aesthetics, the paper bag can be laminated with duplex paper.

Ford paper

It is a paper used extensively in digital printing or printing envelopes, notes, and offset-printed headers. Most photocopy shops use ford paper for printing and photocopying.

Bristol paper

It is a premium type of paper, even more so than couche paper. Bristol paper has better thickness and ink adhesion than other types of paper. The image printed on Bristol paper also has a more beautiful effect. Due to its high cost, people rarely use Bristol paper to print paper bags but usually use it to print wedding invitations or high-end paper boxes.

Ivory paper

Ivory paper looks quite similar to Bristol paper but only has one coated side, while the other side is rough and has a thicker and sturdier base. Using ivory paper for printing produces high-quality, beautiful, and elegant products, so the cost is also higher than other types of paper.

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When buying or selling rolls of paper, sheets of paper, packaging paper, or paper cutting services, contact Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Company!


With over 6 years of operation in the paper packaging industry and having built a reputable brand in the market, Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Co., Ltd. is proud to be a private packaging enterprise in Vietnam that has partnered with many big brands both domestically and internationally.

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Buying and selling packaging paper