Carton Paper Packaging – What You Need to Know

Carton Paper Packaging – What You Need to Know

Hopcungcaocap. vn – Carton paper packaging is becoming essential in production and business activities. It helps companies preserve their products and bring their brand closer to customers and somewhat affirms their reputation in the market.

So, do you know anything about carton packaging? If not, let’s find out in this article right away!

What is carton packaging?

Carton packaging is made from carton paper with a thickness ranging from 2 to 9 layers, in which the carton paper is made from wood fibers with the main components including 74% paper, 22% polyethylene, and 4% aluminum. The ratio above changes to 80% paper and 20% polyethylene for carton types produced for use in low-temperature environments.

Carton packaging is commonly used to make boxes and cartons for packaging, storage, and transportation of goods and to promote companies’ brand.

Bao bì giấy carton

What is carton packaging?

The process of manufacturing carton paper boxes from carton packaging.

Step 1: Choose paper material

The paper material is usually selected based on the customer’s needs. It can be a 3-ply, 5-ply, 7-ply, or even 9-ply carton packaging if it suits the intended use.

For example, if you need a carton paper box to hold products such as fruits, candies, wine, beer, etc., you can choose a carton paper material from 3 to 5 plies.

Step 2: Choose the specifications of the carton box

After choosing the paper material, we determine the shape and size of the carton box to be made. Is it a die-cut box, a lidded box, or an open box? The specific size will depend on the product you intend to pack.

With advanced paper rolling technology, we can produce large-sized boxes that can hold a 2.2-meter-long bed or tiny gift boxes.

Step 3: Cut the paper

Once the paper material and the box specifications are determined, the next step is to cut the paper. To ensure accurate cutting, the technician will adjust the parameters on the specialized form-cutting machine to obtain the required size of paper sheets.

Step 4: Print on the carton box/packaging

This is an essential step for orders where the carton box/packaging serves as a container and showcases the company’s brand to consumers. The customer will provide the printing information on the carton box/packaging. The task of the company/factory producing the carton box/packaging is to ensure that the printing is accurate and beautiful on high-quality cardboard sheets. The printed product represents the company’s brand image to customers.

Step 5: Staple and fully seal with glue

After the material selection, specifications determination, paper cutting, and printing are completed, the final step is to staple and seal the carton box/packaging to become a complete product. The material used for finishing will be notified and discussed with the customer beforehand. If the customer has other requirements, the adhesive material can be changed to meet their needs.

Finally, the carton paper box/packaging will be rechecked for size and appearance before delivery to the customer.

The process of manufacturing carton packaging.

Features and uses of paper carton packaging

With its durability, lightweight, and easy biodegradability, paper carton packaging holds fruits, cakes, electronics, and other goods weighing from 5 to 40 kg. In addition, we also see many office supplies boxes, and gift boxes with brand logos of companies made from paper carton packaging, not only to hold items but also as an intelligent way to bring the brand closer to consumers.

Hộp gia

Beautiful paper carton boxes

Above is all the information you need to know about paper carton packaging. Hopefully, through this article, you have somewhat understood what carton packaging is, how it is produced, and when it is used.

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