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Các loại bao bì giấy

Paper packaging has long become an essential item to protect goods and enhance the value of products. Let’s explore the cheap paper packaging printing service that is currently receiving the most attention from consumers at Hoang Vuong!

How many types of paper packaging are there?

Depending on the fields, goods, and industries, paper packaging is classified into many different names and packaging styles. For example, paper packaging for bread, carton box packaging, paper packaging for cosmetics, etc.

Các loại bao bì giấy

Types of paper packaging

In addition, to have an overview of the types of paper packaging, we can classify them into the following types:

  • Premium paper packaging: Used for high-end industries and fragile products like milk. They are designed into multiple layers with good preservation functions for the products.
  • Carton box paper packaging: This is the most common type of paper packaging on the market today. With various sizes, they are considered as paper packaging with the ability to contain different types of goods.
  • Box-shaped paper packaging: The production of this type of paper packaging is focused on the printing and box-making process to match the product packaging line technology.
  • Kraft paper packaging 3-5 layers: Used in specific industries such as construction, containing various types of powder, etc.
  • Kraft paper packaging combined with PP plastic: The structure consisting of kraft paper layers and an additional PP plastic layer increases the durability and strength of the packaging. Suitable for products in the agricultural, construction, chemical industries, etc.

What should be considered to print beautiful packaging?

Recognizing the importance of product packaging for business operations, many enterprises are increasingly paying attention to the quality of paper packaging. To ensure the printing of beautiful paper packaging, customers should pay attention to the following issues:

  • Consistency and rationality of information on product packaging. The logo, slogan, and information transmitted to customers should be concise, succinct, and sufficient.
  • Packaging design focuses on unique factors that attract customers. When product packaging becomes a tool for brand recognition, the more impressive the type of packaging is, the more customers will pay attention to the form of packaging, thereby reading more information related to the product and the business.
  • Printing material ensures quality. Because the paper material will affect the adhesion of ink, the aesthetics of paper packaging, and the printing time, the cost factor and the purpose of using packaging should be considered to find the most suitable printing materials for the product.
  • Printing technology affects the ink adhesion time, font, and image quality. Therefore, it is necessary to apply modern printing technologies such as offset printing and UV printing to obtain beautiful paper packaging.
  • Choose quality ink to make the ink color and image more beautiful and sharp after printing.
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What should be noted when printing packaging?

Cheap and beautiful paper packaging printing service at Hoang Vuong

When paper packaging is crucial in connecting customers to businesses, choosing a reputable paper packaging printing service provider is the prerequisite for creating that connection. Please get in touch with Hoang Vuong – a company specializing in providing cheap paper packaging design and printing services: we will support you in creating luxurious and unique paper packaging products.

At Hoang Vuong, we support designing and printing all types of paper packaging according to customer requirements. Just let us know the information related to your brand and product, and Hoang Vuong’s professional staff will bring you products that simulate the essence of your brand.

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Cheap and beautiful paper packaging printing service at Hoang Vuong

Don’t hesitate to choose the most suitable designs for your brand; Hoang Vuong will help you implement these designs to print cheap paper packaging for your product. From there, turn them into tools to enhance your brand and connect with customers.


With over 10 years of operation in the paper packaging industry and having built a reputation for its brand in the market, Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Company is proud to be a private packaging enterprise in Vietnam that has accompanied many large brands both domestically and internationally.

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