Cheap, reputable, professional decal printing in Ho Chi Minh City

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Cheap, reputable, professional decal printing in Ho Chi Minh City

Decal is a label coated with adhesive to stick to a product surface. Through affordable decal printing services, businesses can convey information to customers. The article below will provide detailed information about decal printing techniques in the current market!

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Benefits of printing decals

Benefits of printing decals

Decals support many aspects of business operations, bringing the following benefits:

  • Decals have many unique and diverse designs, making them highly effective in attracting customer attention and increasing business competitive value.
  • Decals stuck on product surfaces help convey messages that businesses address to customers. From there, it effectively connects with buyers.
  • Help customers from all regions and cities to learn about your business and products through information on decals, thereby increasing customer recognition.
  • Helps minimize counterfeit products that affect your brand’s effectiveness. This factor helps increase customer trust in the product and business, bringing quality products to consumers.
  • Decals can be stuck on many different product surfaces, such as glass, paper, wood, .etc. and still have high adhesion. Moreover, printing decals in appropriate quantities on specific paper molds can help businesses save a lot of costs related to printing product packaging while still ensuring the unique and delicate aspects of the product.
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Common types of decals

Common types of decals

There are several common types of decals available in the market, including:

  • Milk decals: These decals are white, like milk. The ink color stands out well against the white background. They also have a layer of silicon, making them more durable and longer-lasting than paper decals.
  • Paper decals: These are made from paper material to print information. A layer of gloss film can be added to protect the ink from fading. The other side of the paper has adhesive to stick to the product.
  • Industrial roll decals: These are rolled-up decals used commonly to print labels, barcodes, etc. They can be made from rolled materials such as paper, silver foil, PVC, etc.
  • Breakable label decals: These are one-time-use decals, so the label will break into pieces when peeled off. Therefore, they are suitable for use as warranty labels.
  • Clear decals: These are decals with two sides to see through the product. They do not have a white background and cannot print white.
  • Kraft paper decals: The surface of these decals is made from Kraft paper, giving them a rough texture. They are brown and suitable for vintage-style products, sticking to plastic cups or glasses in coffee shops, etc.
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The cheap decal printing process

Refer to the cheap decal printing process

To have high-quality decal products, printing facilities usually go through the following process:

  • Step 1: The customer provides information about decal printing requirements such as size, quantity, type of decal, etc., to receive timely advice and quotation from the printing unit. If the customer does not have a pre-designed decal template, they can contact businesses that provide both design and printing services to have their design team create products that reflect the brand identity.
  • Step 2: Ordering: Orders can be placed online or offline. Customers only need to provide information about the order and the recipient’s address for the unit to verify the information.
  • Step 3: The decal printing unit will receive the order and contact the customer to confirm the order.

Currently, many cheap decal printing facilities are on the market with different quality and service levels. Choose a reputable address to place orders and receive the highest quality decal samples. Customers can trust Hoang Vuong to print and design the most unique and eye-catching decal samples, helping businesses create a difference and increase their competitiveness in the market!


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