Common paper materials used for paper bag printingúi xách giấy cao cấp

Common paper materials used for paper bag printing

Printing on paper bags with various paper materials, such as kraft paper bags, marketing paper bags, etc., to serve the business needs of sales and brand promotion is one of the famous printing services of printing companies. Understanding the printing materials will help to make the best selection for paper bag printing.

1. Kraft paper

This is recycled paper used quite often as a paperboard material for cartons. Paper bags printed on kraft paper are also known as cement bags because their color resembles cement bags. The designs for paper bags printed on kraft paper are usually simple, using two-color offset printing technology. Due to its low cost, kraft paper is quite popular nowadays.

In túi giấy Kraft đẹp, giá rẻ ở đâu?

2. Couche paper

Leaflets, fold-out brochures, catalogs… are this couche paper’s most commonly used products. The characteristic of this paper material is a smooth, glossy surface that produces beautiful image effects. When printing paper bags with couche paper, it is often applied to famous brands or businesses that want to assert their own professionalism and unique class because the form is expensive.

3. Duplex paper

One side is similar to couche report, while the other is darker and cheaper, so this paper material is today’s most used printing technology. Almost any product you are doing business with can use this paper material to print bags. After printing, the bag can be coated with a film to increase the product’s image effect and durability. Ford paper

Ford paper is the most commonly used paper in digital printing. In offset printing technology, you can easily find Ford paper products like envelopes, notes, and title paper. Almost all photocopy shops nowadays use this paper material. túi xách giấy cao cấp_1

5. Bristol paper

This material is even higher-end than couche paper, with better thickness and good ink adhesion, which produces more beautiful image effects. Paper bags are usually less inclined to use this material, widely applied to products such as paper boxes or wedding invitations.

In addition, there are other paper materials such as crystal, ivory, and art paper… depending on the usage needs, the printing unit will advise you which material is most suitable.

Choosing suitable printing material is vital in ensuring the quality of paper bag products. They help you get the best commitment for your packaging products but also help you save costs in the best way possible.


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