Common plastic card printing technologies today

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Common plastic card printing technologies today

Hopcungcaocap – You have probably used various types of cards, such as student cards, bank cards, employee cards, Vip cards, etc. Have you ever wondered what technology manufacturers use to print these plastic cards? If so, let’s explore the standard plastic card printing technologies today!

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Plastic cards are specialized cards used in companies and factories in the form of employee cards, time cards, parking cards, access cards, discount cards, VIP cards, etc. The plastic card serves as a means of identifying you as an employee of a particular company, a tool for tracking your daily attendance, an ATM card you are using, or even a gift that a business wants to offer to its customers through discount cards, promotional cards, VIP cards, membership cards. This is also seen as a very effective and cost-saving marketing strategy.

Accordingly, the international standard for plastic cards is a thickness of 0.76 or 0.46, with dimensions of 88 x 56 (mm). The card is constructed from 3 to 4 layers with high durability and an outer protective film to minimize environmental impact. The use of suitable raw materials and modern printing technology is the key to producing high-end plastic cards that are of quality, do not blur or fade during use.

And here are some printing technologies that are popularly used for plastic cards nowadays:

Thermal transfer card printing

Thermal transfer technology is the simplest way to print on plastic cards, used to print monochrome colors onto pre-printed cards. The printing process will transfer the color layer from the ribbon to the plastic card.

Dye-sublimation card printing

Dye-sublimation printing technology is based on the diffusion of colors to produce cards with the desired colors. The card stock is put into the machine multiple times, with each pass printing a ribbon color. Plastic cards printed with dye-sublimation technology can have up to 16 million colors with high sharpness and attractive images and information. If a transparent layer is added, it will make the card more durable.

Reverse Image Printing Technology

Smart cards are often printed using reverse image printing technology. In this process, all information and images are printed on the underside of a unique plastic film. The film layer is indirectly printed onto the card under the influence of heat and pressure from the printing machine. The use of this technology minimizes the impact of image chips on card quality and reduces the impact of the printer on the card.

Rewritable Thermal Printing

Rewritable thermal printing is a unique printing technology. It activates the thermal-sensitive card substrate to erase and rewrite different information on the card multiple times.

Therefore, this printing technology is suitable for printing plastic cards that require frequent information changes.

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Các loại nhựa thông dụng hiện nay

Việc sử dụng thẻ nhựa không những mang lại hình ảnh chuyên nghiệp cho công ty mà còn giúp việc quản lý nhân sự, chương trình khuyến mãi, bán hàng hoặc quản lý lượng người, lượng xe ra vào hiệu quả, tiết kiệm chi phí. Theo đó, những loại thẻ nhựa được sử dụng phổ biến hiện nay là:

  • Employee card
  • VIP card
  • Professional warranty card
  • ATM card
  • Smart card
  • Discount card
  • Parking card
  • Membership card
  • Student card

The more cards are printed, the lower the cost will be. The price for printing 1000 plastic cards ranges from 3,500 to 4,000 VND/card. If published in 20,000 cards, the price is only around 1,000 VND/card.

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