Design and printing of fruit boxes at factory prices

Thiết kế in ấn thùng đựng trái cây giá xưởng

Design and printing of fruit boxes at factory prices

Fruit crates are a popular and effective packaging solution for preserving, transporting, and displaying fruit. This product is highly appreciated for its environmental friendliness and contributes significantly to brand promotion for businesses.

Sử dụng thùng carton đựng trái cây thân thiện với môi trường

Use environmentally friendly fruit cartons


Why should you use carton boxes to store fruit?

It is no coincidence that carton boxes are the preferred choice of manufacturers or traders when needing to box fruit; the reason is:

  • (1) Carton boxes help protect fruit from impact, cracking, and other impacts of the external environment. With a sturdy design, the box helps protect fruit when transported from the production site to the retail point.
  • (2) Carton boxes are often manufactured with food safety standards to ensure the safety of the fruit inside.
  • (3) Carton boxes are light, easy to handle, and manipulate, helping to reduce transportation costs significantly.
  • (4) Many cartons are now made from recycled paper, contributing to reducing negative impacts on the environment.
  • (5) Businesses can order custom-made carton boxes in large quantities to meet specific needs while promoting their brands to consumers effectively and economically.

Therefore, choosing to use fruit cartons can help preserve fruit during the supply and transportation process and contribute to keeping the environment green.

Thùng carton giúp bảo quản trái cây tốt hơn trong quá trình vận chuyển.

Carton boxes help preserve fruit better during transportation.


Features of carton boxes

Currently, we have two types of carton boxes for fruit:

  • (1) Soft fruit container: Can be used for fruits such as lychees, mangoes, pears, raspberries, etc.
  • (2) Hard fruit container: Suitable for hard-shelled fruits such as durian, melon, watermelon, grapefruit, etc.

These boxes are usually made from cardboard and may have a waterproof coating to keep the fruit from getting wet. They also come in many different sizes and shapes to suit different needs.

Thùng carton cứng đựng trái cây

Hard carton box for fruit


Design and print fruit carton boxes

It can be seen that carton boxes are the perfect choice when it comes to preserving fruit during the transportation and sales process.

Designing and printing fruit carton boxes with brand messages, images, and product information will help you show professionalism and reach customers more efficiently. Besides, you can use creative colors and the most beautiful designs to attract customers’ attention.

Mẫu thùng carton đựng trái cây

Sample carton box for fruit


Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging, with many years of experience in carton box printing, is always ready to meet all requests from domestic and foreign customers. We specialize in designing, printing, and manufacturing large quantities of cartons and carton boxes, serving a diverse range of customers with the commitment to:

  • Using materials of clear origin, safe and environmentally friendly
  • Design, print, and produce according to customer requirements.
  • Optimize costs while still ensuring product quality.

High-quality carton box

Operating under the motto of “Pioneering Quality,” Hoang Vuong consistently aims for sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. We proudly hold the following certifications:

  • FSC Certification: FSC-C187470
  • GMI Certification
  • G7 Certification
  • ISO 9001:2015

With over 13 years of experience in the paper packaging industry and a solid brand reputation, Hoang Vuong is a leading private paper packaging enterprise in Vietnam, partnering with numerous major brands locally and internationally. We accompany your company on the journey of innovation, seeking differentiation through continuous improvement. Your success is both an achievement and motivation for us to continue innovating and maintaining professionalism.

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