Design and Printing Standards for Pharmaceutical Packaging

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Design and Printing Standards for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Product packaging not only serves the function of protecting goods from environmental factors but also serves as a means of identifying factors related to the product and business information. Particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, packaging is highly emphasized, and there are specific requirements for pharmaceutical packaging regulations set by the Ministry of Health. Here is some basic information about the design and printing standards for pharmaceutical packaging, which will undoubtedly be very useful to you!

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Design and Printing Standards for Pharmaceutical Packaging

Why We Need to Pay Attention to Pharmaceutical Packaging Standards

As you know, the pharmaceutical industry is a specialized field directly related to human health. And pharmaceutical packaging is the factor that affects the quality of the medicine. Because when the medicine is taken out of the manufacturing facility, it will be enclosed in packaging with specific quality standards to ensure the product’s purity reaches the consumers’ hands.

So what will happen if pharmaceuticals are not protected by safe packaging that meets the standards:

  • Dirt from packaging will affect the quality of the medicine.
  • Accidentally, the chemical components in the packaging that are compatible with the components in the pharmaceuticals cause harmful reactions.
  • Packaging contact with medicine causes changes…

Therefore, it can be concluded that regulating standards related to pharmaceutical packaging is extremely important. This is a way to ensure the safety of drug components from leakage and diffusion. In addition, it also helps to avoid environmental factors and the drug transportation process.

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Why is it necessary to pay attention to pharmaceutical packaging standards?

Design and printing standards for pharmaceutical packaging

The Ministry of Health applies a set of principles and GMP standards specifically for producing pharmaceutical packaging that directly interacts with drugs. Accordingly, they must meet the following factors:

  • The manufacturing plant must establish a quality management system with a unified and efficient operating model. The main function of this system is to check the supply, preservation, production, distribution of equipment, etc., to meet the standards.
  • Personnel needs to have good health and meet technical requirements.
  • Training personnel must ensure that the training programs and content cover the basic knowledge of GMP.
  • The workshop system must meet standards such as preventing external sources of infection, avoiding insects, etc.
  • The equipment and tools system must be necessary and suitable for operations.
  • Applying personal hygiene, equipment, and workshop standards according to the standards.
  • The raw materials and packaging materials must be rigorously tested.
  • The production process must be organized, monitored, and documented fully.
  • Quality inspection of the packaging must be conducted upon completion.
  • A document storage process must be established to enable employees to understand the workflow and facilitate future inspection and auditing.
  • Consistency must be ensured in the production and testing processes by the contract.
  • Complaint handling, product recall, and product return processes must follow established principles.
  • Compliance with regulations regarding fire safety, labor safety, and environmental protection must be ensured.
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GMP standards specifically for the production of pharmaceutical packaging.

We hope our sharing of design standards will provide you with more exciting information related to this specialized field. Please stay tuned for our upcoming articles to get updates on other useful information.


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