Designing Product Packaging Mockups – What You Can’t Ignore!

Thiết kế tạo mẫu bao bì sản phẩm

A critical factor determining consumer behavior and purchasing decisions is the design of product packaging mockups. Packaging design is how manufacturers tell a story and attract customers to better experience and understand the product. It’s thoroughly researched before going into mass production, whether it’s just a box of cookies, a bottle of water, a can of beer, or any other product. So, what tasks need to be done before designing product packaging mockups?

Thiết kế tạo mẫu bao bì sản phẩm

An impressive product packaging design is the first step in winning over customers.

1. Identify the product and target audience

All the information on the packaging will help customers understand more about the product, its uses, how to use it, the target user group, etc. For this information to be truly useful, it must meet the needs of the specific target audience for that product.

Therefore, before designing the product packaging, we need to answer three questions: What is the product, who is the target audience, and where will they buy it?

1.1. What is the product?

This question may seem simple, but it plays a very important role. Answering this question will help you determine the information that needs to be presented and how to transport the product. If it is a delicate and fragile product, the packaging needs to have a higher level of safety. If the product has unusual dimensions, the packaging needs to be more specialized. The packaging must be sturdy and durable if the product is transported over long distances.

1.2. Who is the product for?

The purpose of designing product packaging is not only to preserve the product but also to appeal to the psychology of potential customers. Is the product for men, women, or both? What are the age and psychological characteristics of the customers? Do they have high or low income, and are they concerned about environmental issues?

For example, a product designed for the elderly needs to use large font sizes, while a product designed for men needs to have a certain level of strength and toughness. A product designed for high-income customers requires a sophisticated and luxurious packaging design.

1.3. Where will customers buy the product?

Potential customers will buy the product in supermarkets, shopping centers, grocery stores, outdoor markets, or online. Surely the product displayed directly at the store or supermarket will have a different packaging design than that purchased online.

Thiết kế tạo mẫu đẹp

Identifying the product and target audience before designing.

2. Gathering information before designing the product prototype

After knowing the characteristics of the product and the target audience, the next step is to determine the following:

2.1. Brand identity elements

The product or packaging is the representative image of the company. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure consistency in design with the brand’s colors, font, and logo.

We need to identify the information that needs to be displayed on the packaging:

  • (1) Product information: name, description, production date, expiration date, batch number, and call-to-action slogan, …
  • (2) Images: must be carefully selected, as a good image will convey information more effectively than a thousand words.
  • (3) Symbols, icons: according to the nature of the product, industry such as nutritional information, warning, legal symbols, …

2.2. Design style

The next factor to consider is the design style. Collect unique packaging designs that are suitable for the product’s preferences and characteristics for reference and inspiration. However, it is important to avoid incorporating personal preferences into the design, as the color, font, and style you like may not necessarily be liked by customers. Therefore, it is necessary to be objective in choosing the design style to create a suitable packaging design for the product.

Phong cách thiết kế tạo mẫu

Choosing the appropriate design style for product packaging.

2.3. Budget

Budget is an essential factor that significantly influences the quality of packaging. The budget determines the materials used and the design of the packaging prototype. Therefore, based on your budget, you should consult with 5 to 10 specialized printing and packaging design companies to get the best price and create the most satisfactory products.

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