Do medical masks help prevent diseases?

Do medical masks help prevent diseases?

With the complex developments of diseases and increasing environmental pollution, wearing medical masks is extremely necessary. Nowadays, various types of masks with reasonable prices are available, so people can easily purchase quality medical masks for themselves and their families. However, it’s important to note that one should only buy medical masks from reputable sources and avoid purchasing unbranded or low-quality masks. So, do medical masks help prevent diseases?

Medical masks for disease prevention

Medical masks play a crucial role, especially for people living in developing countries and tropical regions prone to disease outbreaks like Vietnam. Many types of masks are available on the market, but do you truly understand their role and how to use them correctly? Let’s explore the most detailed information about medical masks to choose the most suitable type for yourself.

What is a medical mask?

A medical mask is considered a type of protective face mask used to cover the face area to prevent the user from being infected by bacteria and viruses. In addition, this type of mask also helps to avoid regular dust from affecting the respiratory system. Medical covers are made from two main materials, fabric (knitted, woven) and non-woven fabric. The masks made from woven fabric can be reused many times, while single-use medical masks are usually made from polypropylene.

Does a medical mask prevent disease outbreaks?

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Does a medical mask prevent disease outbreaks?

Medical masks have a significant role in preventing disease outbreaks, especially respiratory infectious diseases. Typically, diseases transmitted from animals to humans or from humans to humans are mainly transmitted through droplets when coughing, sneezing, or talking directly or through airborne viruses and bacteria. If you wear a medical mask, you will be better protected and minimize the risk of infection compared to people who do not use medical masks.

What is the best medical mask for preventing an epidemic?

Most of the medical masks currently on the market have the function of preventing the spread of disease for consumers. However, each type of mask has different antibacterial properties depending on the material and the needs of the consumer. The mask brands recommended by the Ministry of Health are 3-layer masks. You can refer to 3-layer masks with N95 valves, Unicharm masks from Japan, and other similar options.

Do medical masks have the effect of preventing epidemics?

However, you should understand the degree of absolute protection medical masks provide. Wearing a mask is extremely necessary, but you need to combine it with other methods if you want to avoid the spread of disease completely. Washing your hands with soap, using antibacterial hand sanitizer, eating healthy, and avoiding crowded places are the most effective measures in addition to wearing a medical mask in public places.

What are the characteristics and effects of 4-layer medical masks?

High-quality 4-layer medical masks are sold for prices ranging from 250,000 to 300,000 dong. As the environment becomes increasingly polluted and epidemics become more prevalent, equipping oneself with a 4-layer medical mask is extremely important for everyone. The 4-layer mask is made of non-woven, activated carbon, and antibacterial fabric. The outermost and innermost layers are made of water-resistant non-woven material, helping to prevent droplets from the outside and limiting the spread of droplets from the wearer. In addition, this type of mask is also made from a layer of activated carbon fabric and a layer of antibacterial fabric that helps to minimize dust, bacteria, and viruses, helping the wearer to protect their health and limit the spread of respiratory diseases.

A 4-layer medical mask has been licensed by the Ministry of Health and confirmed to be safe for users.

What is special about a 3-layer medical mask?

As mentioned, a 3-layer medical mask is the most common type of mask used in disease prevention. Each layer of the mask has a different function. The inner layer absorbs moisture from the wearer’s breath, while the outer layer prevents moisture absorption. This layer prevents the virus and droplets from entering. The middle layer of the mask is made from various materials, each with a different filtering effect.

3-layer medical masks come in various colors, but most have one common feature: the inner layer is always white to distinguish it from the outer layer. The outer layer is usually blue, gray, pink, etc. To wear the mask correctly, you need to wear the white side inward and the colored side outward to avoid moisture absorption from outside, which can allow the virus to enter your body. For single-use masks, do not reuse them; remove the mask with your hands and dispose of it immediately in a trash can.

Does a medical mask prevent disease?

Can a medical mask be washed?

The answer from the manufacturing company is that the product is only intended for single use. However, many customers have the habit of reusing masks because they appear to be relatively new. This is not a correct action because the virus may have adhered to the mask during use, and reusing it is like “stockpiling” the virus. In addition, if you wash 4-layer medical masks, virus, and bacteria prevention effectiveness may also decrease. Therefore, when using masks, you should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on duration and number of uses to ensure the safety of your health.

How much does a box of medical masks cost?

The N95 mask – considered the most effective type of medical mask for disease prevention – is priced at around 360,000 – 500,000 Vietnamese dong per box. Another popular mask brand during the pandemic is Unicharm from Japan, with prices ranging from 300,000 to 360,000 Vietnamese dong. In addition, other regular single-use medical masks cost around 60,000 – 100,000 Vietnamese dong per box of 50 pieces during peak season.


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