Don’t rush to print warranty labels if you don’t know these things!

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Don’t rush to print warranty labels if you don’t know these things!

Printing warranty labels is essential for businesses to protect their brand, assert genuine products, and create trust with customers. However, there are types of warranty stickers on the market and the materials used to print them that many of us may not know. Therefore, in this article, Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging will share with you the basics of warranty stickers before you decide to print them.

What is a warranty label?

A warranty label, breakable label, broken label, or seal sticker is a type of sticker that cannot be erased and can only be used once. If deliberately peeled off, the sticker will tear or break. Therefore, warranty stickers are used to prevent counterfeiting and fake products and serve as a sign to identify the products and services of a business. From there, create trust in customers with the product.

Using offset and flexo printing techniques, the content printed on warranty labels includes company logos, warranty period, and necessary contact information.

The printing must ensure sharpness, aesthetic appeal, and good adhesion because warranty labels have small dimensions ranging from 1cm to 2cm.

Tem bảo hànhWarranty label size

Classification of warranty labels

Based on their characteristics and properties, warranty labels are classified as follows:

  • Based on their properties, we have crisp and durable warranty labels. Among them:
    • Crisp warranty label: used to stick on computer components, mobile phones, computers, and electronic devices. Using crispy tags helps prevent the title from being peeled off and reattached. After printing, the label is not crisp immediately but will become crisp naturally after being attached to the product, and the longer it is left, the crisper the label becomes.
    • Durable warranty label: used to stick on imported wine caps, oil bottle caps, safety seals, containers, etc. After printing and leaving for a long time, the label remains durable.
  • Based on the shape, we have round, square, rectangular, flower-shaped labels, etc.
  • Based on the material, we have silver decal stickers, paper decal stickers, 7-color hologram stickers, etc.

What material is used to print warranty labels?

There are many materials used to print warranty labels, but the most commonly used ones are paper and plastic decals, as well as silver decals with different characteristics:

  • Warranty labels printed on paper decals are not durable and are weather-resistant or able to withstand high temperatures and humidity. This label is typically used for a short period for supermarket products.
  • Warranty labels printed on plastic decals are commonly used. They are characterized by flexibility, durability, tear resistance, waterproofness, and high humidity or harsh weather resistance. Therefore, plastic warranty labels stick on products that require special storage conditions or are subject to frequent abrasion and impact.
  • Warranty labels printed on silver decals are designed with a polyester plastic film and printed on silver paper, thus having high heat resistance, a beautiful design, and increased durability.

Tem decal bạcSilver decal label

Some current models of warranty labels

Printing 1000 straight-cut warranty labels with sizes ranging from 1cm to 3.5cm will cost around 120,000 VND to 250,000 VND. If published in circular, elliptical, or rounded-corner shapes, the price will range from 150,000 VND to 320,000 VND. Below are some examples of warranty labels for your reference:

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