Everything about Paper Pallets


Everything about Paper Pallets

A pallet is a flat structure used to secure goods when lifting a forklift, hoist, or other transport equipment. Most pallets are made of wood, but pallets are made of different materials depending on the intended use, such as plastic, metal, paper, and recycled materials. Each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages and different costs.


How Many Types of Pallets Are There?

In terms of materials, pallets are classified into the following common types:

One/ Paper pallets

It is made from specially structured paper with multiple layers tightly pressed with glue under high pressure, suitable for high-value goods that do not require significant moisture resistance. The weight of the pallet is light, usually under 200 kg/pallet.

Two/ Plastic pallets

Mass-produced by molding hard plastic materials, they are durable, weather-resistant, suitable for long-term storage and outdoor use, and unaffected by moisture or mold. However, the cost is high, and it isn’t easy to produce small-scale orders.

Rigid plastic pallets are mainly used for heavy goods such as stone, iron, steel, and bricks and are especially useful in non-fired brick production lines.

Three/ Metal pallets

Produced in limited quantities according to specific requirements, usually applied to bulky goods such as stone, iron, steel, and bricks. Their range of applications is limited, and the cost is high.

Four/ Wooden pallets

Today’s most popular pallets combine low cost, unlimited production quantity according to orders, firmness, ease of use, and good adaptability to many types of goods. They can also be produced with small-scale orders and are the only choice for export goods and goods that use one-time pallets.

What is the use of Pallets?

Pallets (paper pallets) are industrial products widely used in warehousing and transportation. Pallets (paper pallets) facilitate the loading, moving, and transfer of goods within warehouses and between vehicles, making it easy and quick.


Pallets (paper pallets) work closely with forklifts and hand trucks to release and minimize manual loading and unloading labor, increasing labor productivity several times compared to manual handling.

In addition, using a 2-tier or 3-tier racking system helps save storage space and necessary warehouse floor space to store goods.

What are Paper Pallets?

During the packaging process, many customers have a demand for paper pallets. However, some customers may not understand what paper pallets are. In this article, Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Company will explain paper pallets in the most straightforward way possible.


Learn about paper pallets.

Paper pallets are a type of cargo storage rack that is quite popular nowadays, made from paper or recycled materials. You can easily see paper pallets in warehouses of factories or ports and docks.

Depending on the type of goods and different packaging requirements, pallets are made from various materials such as wood pallets, plastic pallets, iron pallets, etc. However, the preferred product used in the export industry with high value is paper pallets.

Tất Tần Tật Về Pallet Giấy

What are the advantages of paper pallets?

The design of paper pallets is not complicated in terms of form, and the production technique is quite simple, yet this pallet can withstand a large load. These factors explain why paper pallets are increasingly developing and being used more.

In addition, paper pallets have good moisture absorption and are lightweight, making them very convenient for transportation. Therefore, customers can trust using paper pallets instead of pallets made from other materials.


Paper pallets are widely used in factories and industrial areas and used in pharmaceuticals, retail, food, and even the military.

The above is some basic information about pallets in general and paper pallets in particular; hoping to be helpful to you. If you have any questions about paper pallets or want to place an order to buy paper pallets, please get in touch with us directly for advice.


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