Find out some notes when printing fashion paper bags

Túi giấy cao cấp

Find out some notes when printing fashion paper bags

Printing fashion paper bags is now one of the marketing methods many shop owners choose for their business activities. Beautifully designed and decorated products will attract a large number of fashionistas. Learn some notes when printing fashion bags below for helpful information for reference when designing and printing packaging.

Mẫu túi giấy cho shop thời trang

Paper bag model for fashion shop

Materials used to print fashion paper bags

Criteria when choosing materials to print fashion paper bags are durability, enormous weight, and good printing material. To meet these criteria, on the market today, Couches, Ivory, Duplexes, and Kraft paper are very popular in the market. Some of the characteristics of these materials are as follows:

  • Couches paper has a quantitative range from 60gsm to 350gsm so that customers can choose the product with the most suitable weight. This type of paper has the advantage of being bright, smooth, and having good ink absorption, so the print quality is evident.
  • Ivory paper has only one bright white side because it is processed through the equipment used for printing, and the other is matte white. Quantities fall in the range of 250gsm to 300gsm. The product is quite sturdy, so it is highly durable.
  • Duplex paper is quite thick and suitable for packaging that requires considerable weight. During the production of Duplex paper, only one surface is glossy, and the other is slightly brown—quantities from 250gsm to 500gsm.
  • Kraft paper is the cheapest material when compared to the above materials. Besides, they use recycled paper, which is safe for the environment and affordable. The characteristics of this paper are durable and rough, weighing from 80gsm – 400gsm. However, they are often yellow, so printing on the paper’s surface will be more complex than the rest.

Túi giấy cao cấp

Premium paper bags

The bag strap is a significant highlight

Fashionable bag straps are an essential highlight in packaging design and printing. In addition to making it easy for customers to hold and convenient, creating colors or even printing the brand name on the bag straps helps make fashion paper bags more eye-catching and impressive for users.

Many shop owners use this effective marketing method in their business activities. Regarding materials, the bag straps in fashion bags are usually made of ribbons and PE yarns with substantial advantages and many beautiful colors.

In túi giấy thời trang đẹp

Fashionable bag straps are an essential highlight in packaging design and printing.

Notes when printing fashion paper bags that business owners need to know

To turn fashion paper bags into valuable items, in the process of designing and printing, businesses should pay attention to the following issues:

  • (1) The color of paper bags is a factor that affects consumers’ visuals, helping businesses convey strong messages to consumers. When printing paper bags with trendy, outstanding, brand-appropriate colors, the product will stand out from the other fashion shops’ paper bags.
  • (2) The pattern on the paper bag is a clever way of presenting the designs to show the modernity and sophistication of the business, creating a good impression in the customers’ hearts and experimenting with embossing details when printing and UV spraying will develop a deep belief in customers’ hearts when holding the paper bag.

Designing and printing fashion paper bags focusing on aesthetic factors and product quality will make them widely used in practice. Many customers also consider this as their favorite fashion accessory when walking around. With the information shared above, I hope to help businesses have practical ideas for their business activities.


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