FSC certified paper packaging: Green trend for environmental protection

Bao bì giấy đạt tiêu chuẩn FSC thân thiện với môi trường

FSC-certified paper packaging: The green trend for environmental protection

The trend of using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified packaging is expanding globally. This certification for packaging products means that the wood materials used for packaging are sourced from strictly managed forests, accompanied by maintenance and new planting, and assessed as environmentally friendly.

FSC certified paper packaging: Green trend for environmental protection

FSC certified paper packaging: Green trend for environmental protection

Increasingly, forests worldwide are being shrunk and seriously damaged by unsustainable human exploitation. Therefore, protecting forests and exploiting timber resources are given top priority by countries. Packaging companies are currently focusing more on choosing to package with renewable resource origins.

FSC is a non-governmental, non-profit organization operating for the goal of sustainable forest management development. FSC’s certification system is responsible for evaluating and certifying FSC for forest managers and manufacturers of forest-related products, such as wood and paper raw materials.

FSC-certified paper packaging is environmentally friendly.

FSC’s standard set is globally valued with 10 principles and 56 stringent criteria, helping consumers identify products harvested from sustainable forests and contribute to protecting forest resources.

FSC-certified packaging/paper packaging means that the wood materials used for packaging are sourced from strictly managed forests, with responsibility, accompanied by maintenance and new planting. Therefore, experts assess them as more environmentally friendly than other types of packaging.

The determination and effort of companies to obtain FSC certification demonstrate their responsibility for environmental protection and forest resource conservation.

The significance of FSC certification for businesses:

  • (1) Helps businesses understand and obtain information on applying for FSC forest certification;
  • (2) Enables businesses to understand the process of FSC certification registration;
  • (3) Provides knowledge of the stages involved in applying for FSC certification;
  • (4) Allows for verification of compliance with FSC standards;
  • (5) Helps to identify and address gaps in the system;
  • (6) Provides global recognition for businesses with FSC certification;
  • (7) Assists businesses in overcoming international trade barriers and facilitating exports;
  • (8) Offers opportunities for sustainable development in the future.

FSC is considered the most reliable and stringent forest certification recognized worldwide. In many countries, FSC has become a mandatory standard for producers of wood-related products and is a preferred criterion for consumers.

In Vietnam, packaging production companies have recently implemented FSC standards in their products. Pioneering businesses that produce and sell products such as milk are also starting to promote using FSC standards in their packaging.


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