Gift paper bags – a highly effective marketing measure

Gift paper bags – a highly effective marketing measure

Paper gift bags have become friendly to many people, gradually replacing plastic bags that impact the environment. The paper bags with beautiful and diverse designs will help customers have a good impression of your business.

Lợi ích khi sử dụng túi giấy

Gift paper bags – a highly effective marketing measure

Reasons to use paper gift bags

Many businesses and organizations use paper gift bags because of the following benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly: Currently, plastic bags are recommended to limit their use because they are difficult to decompose and harm the environment. However, paper bags are a suitable alternative to plastic bags. The reason is that paper bags are mainly recycled paper, which can be recycled many times after the expiry date.
  • Promote business image, and increase presence in the market: Paper bags, when designed with beautiful designs, will be a highly effective marketing measure.
  • A meticulously decorated, well-decorated gift paper bag makes the gift inside luxurious; this is the gratitude and affection the sender wants to convey to the recipient.
  • Cost saving: There are many materials to produce paper gift bags, such as cartons, couches, Bristol, etc., with relatively low prices for customers to choose from their financial needs freely.

Địa chỉ in túi giấy chuyên nghiệp

Many businesses and organizations care about using paper gift bags.

How many types of paper bags are there?

Based on the material, we can classify paper bags into five types as follows:

  • Kraft paper bags: This paper bag is made entirely of recycled materials like cement bags. The characteristics of this type of bag are rough on both sides, poor water resistance, on paper, can only print simple words, and dark colors can stand out the brand name. It is an environmentally friendly material with a fast decomposition time.
  • Duplex Paper Bags: The paper has a slightly rough surface but is more glossy than Kraft paper. This is a low-cost paper, suitable for units with low finance but still achieves the desired printing effect.
  • Couche paper bag: The paper material of this bag is glossy, bright white, and smooth, so the ink quality on the gift box paper bag will be sharp, suitable for units that want to create a luxurious and sophisticated impression when sending gifts. For your customers. However, the cost of this paper bag is also quite expensive.
  • Ivory paper bag: This is considered a high-class gift paper bag when it is used bright white paper, smooth, suitable for gifts for customers in large conferences, showing the company’s professionalism or individual gift giving.
  • Bristol paper bag: The product line has the highest cost and higher quality than other paper types when it has a large thickness, smooth surface, sharp color printing, and good adhesion.

Based on the material, we can classify paper bags into five types

What to pay attention to have a beautiful paper bag?

For paper bags to stand out and create a highlight for customers when applied to business activities, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • Design and decorate eye-catching and unique gift paper bags: To increase recognition for customers, you need to create the gift bag’s appearance with vivid decorative images, showing corporate image and building excitement for customers. In addition to colors and pictures, you can add bows and flaps to create accents.
  • The content when printing paper bags needs to be short and meaningful, showing the content that the business wants to convey to its customers.
  • Brand images must pay attention to print in the most visible vital positions.
  • Unity in the design of paper bags from colors, images, logos, and messages conveyed are harmonious and consistent.
  • The display font must choose a standard, popular font like Times New Roman with an appropriate font size.
  • Printed materials need to apply modern technologies to prevent color fading over time.
  • You can use many different printing materials depending on your budget and needs.
  • Choose a reputable and professional printing unit with competitive prices to bring quality output products per customer needs. bì giấy hoàng vương-Xu Hướng Dùng Túi Giấy Thay Thế Túi Nylon Để Bảo Vệ Môi Trường Và Sức Khỏe

Brand images must pay attention to print in the most visible vital positions.

Above is some information related to gift paper bags and notes when choosing them to pack meaningful gifts to give to recipients, showing the business’s interest in its customers. From there, it will build trust and long-term cohesion between the parties.


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