High-quality export mask box

High-quality export mask box

The demand for medical mask products from users is increasing daily; these needs push medical mask manufacturers to increase production to serve users’ needs. In parallel with the production of medical masks to suit the needs of consumers, the demand for printing export mask boxes has also increased to meet the use of shows for customers and consumers.

Paper boxes for medical masks are manufactured at Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging factory on a closed line from the preparation of materials to the printing stages and further processing, such as pressing, embossing, laminating, or spraying. UV shapes on the details, increasing the aesthetics of the mask box… were carefully conducted under strict QC inspection.

Hộp đựng khẩu trang xuất khẩu chất lượng caoPaper boxes for medical masks are produced on a closed line.

The paper box for medical masks goes through many stages:

  • New design, printing, and processing to launch a beautiful medical mask box product.
  • Printing medical mask boxes is standard to ensure hygiene and safety for users.
  • Material printed paper box is also the criterion for selection. Several paper materials can be selected: Ivory paper, white 2-sided Duplex paper, and white 1-sided Duplex paper.

People who need to print paper boxes for masks for export

Businesses producing medical masks are the main customers and need to print cheap mask boxes to store their businesses’ product supply to the market and users. Products printed on paper boxes for face masks provide businesses with high-quality medical mask boxes at the most affordable prices.

Exporters of medical masks can also use other materials to replace paper for mask bags. However, the economic efficiency is not high and relatively expensive in terms of costs. Therefore, printing a mask box is still an option to store products manufactured by your business to provide manufacturing and trading facilities for medical mask products to supply to the market and consumers.
Hộp đựng khẩu trang xuất khẩu chất lượng caoHigh-quality medical mask box

Design criteria for quality export mask boxes

– As well as printing tissue boxes, the prerequisite when designing an export mask box is to meet user hygiene and safety standards.

– Each business positions its brand for a customer, so choosing the material to make the box is also the criterion for selection. Several paper materials can be selected: Ivory paper, white 2-sided Duplex paper, and white 1-sided Duplex paper.

– The thickness of the paper can be thin or thick, depending on the customer’s choice.

– Simple image, not too fussy. It is possible to design more soft curves to attract buyers’ eyes as a reminder of the product’s characteristics inside the box.

– Convenient opening lid for multiple openings.

– The box design has a standard size, ensuring it is not open to providing the mask’s hygiene. Hộp đựng khẩu trang y tế

The primary colors of the mask box are white and blue.

Why should you print export mask boxes at Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging?

With more than ten years of operation in paper packaging, and built a brand reputation in the market. Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Co., Ltd is proud to be a private packaging enterprise in Vietnam that many big domestic and foreign brands accompany.

  • With quality criteria, Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging is always meticulous and delicate in each publication.
  • Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging is capable of providing large quantities of products in a short time.
  • Own printing workshop, modern fully loaded machinery, diverse designs. Meet all the requirements, even strict of customers.
  • Able to operate 24/7 to meet customer requirements.
  • Fast order fulfillment speed.
  • Professional expertise, complete service for all product requirements.
  • Reduce costs (work directly with the factory, not through intermediary services like other places).


With over 10 years of operation in the paper packaging industry and having built a reputation for its brand in the market, Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Company is proud to be a private packaging enterprise in Vietnam that has accompanied many large brands both domestically and internationally.

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  • Phone number: 0908.863.965 (Mr. Le Hong Son)
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  • Fax: 08.62696032
  • E-mail: havupackage@gmail.com
  • Website: www.hopcungcaocap.vn
  • Fanpage: Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Co., Ltd

Medical mask box

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