How are premium tea boxes produced?

Hộp trà cao cấp

How are premium tea boxes produced?

Hopcungcaocap – Good tea cannot be without a tea box! We have long known tea as a special drink that makes every conversation more intimate and compelling. In addition, a premium tea box is also a unique and meaningful gift for family, colleagues, and partners. So how many types of tea are there, and how are excellent tea boxes designed and manufactured?

How are premium tea boxes produced?

To design and manufacture a premium tea box, the first thing to do is to determine the needs and usage purposes. Especially for businesses, it is necessary to provide complete company information and specific marketing programs so that the design and production can meet the requirements and provide the most suitable and quality products!

Because in addition to its function of preserving tea, a tea box is also a very effective brand marketing tool, so the design concept needs to be clearly and expressly agreed upon to avoid mistakes that would require rework.

Next, it is necessary to determine the type of material used to produce high-end tea boxes. Typically, the outer shell of a tea box is made of hardboard or cold carton and printed with Ivory paper and Duplex paper, among others. In addition, to diversify the design, tea boxes are also designed in various shapes, such as square boxes, rectangular boxes, polygonal boxes, round boxes, cylindrical boxes, etc.

Hộp trà cao cấp

Common types of tea nowadays

Tea has long been a cultural aspect of communication for Asians. When guests come over, a pot of good tea reflects the thoughtfulness and hospitality of the host. Eating cake, drinking tea, and reading books are ways of relaxing and contemplating life and are many people’s refined pleasures and habits.

Hộp trà cao cấp

In the past, Vietnam only had two main types of tea: green tea and “moc cau” tea, also known as dried tea, which has been dried and shaped into small balls. Nowadays, tea has become much more diverse. In the market, we will encounter many premium teas, such as:

  • Lotus leaf tea: helps to cool down, detoxify, and sleep well. Grown at an altitude of 900-1,100m with temperatures ranging from 17-25 degrees Celsius, the tea is blended with some herbs to enhance the fragrance of the lotus in the tea.
  • Ti Kuan Yin tea: is a green tea that is curved and round, evenly weighted, and has a bitter taste with the aroma of orchids.
  • Ginseng tea: affects nutritional health.
  • Ginger tea: refined from ginger, helps to warm up the body.
  • Black tea: is a type of tea explicitly used for making milk tea
  • Artichoke tea: has the effect of cooling down and liver detoxification.
  • Snow tea: tea fibers covered with fluffy hairs taste like white snow and have a silver shine. The tea has a fragrant aroma, sweet taste, and bright yellow watercolor.
  • Olong tea: is specially processed and fermented up to 30%; when brewed, it has a fragrant aroma, sweet taste, and slightly yellow watercolor, not bitter like other types of tea.
  • Rose tea, chrysanthemum tea, and some other herbal teas.

Many types of tea above with different flavors are processed from various ingredients, which will undoubtedly produce products that meet customers’ needs.

Hộp đựng trà cao cấp

Delicious tea packaged in premium tea boxes with beautiful designs will surely be a priceless gift to give to family, friends, colleagues, and partners.


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