How is a rigid paper box produced?

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How is a rigid paper box produced?

A beautiful and luxurious product is one with good quality and beautiful packaging. Many types of product packaging are used in the market, such as paper bags, paper boxes, plastic boxes, metal boxes, non-woven bags, etc. Among them, the type of paper box that is preferred and used the most is the rigid paper box due to its ability to protect the product, ease of design, and reasonable cost. So, how is a rigid paper box produced?

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The production process of a rigid paper box

A rigid paper box is a type of box with high stiffness and strength made of chipboard or cardboard. Some other types can be printed on coated paper, duplex paper, or art paper and then laminated with a chipboard at the bottom to increase the rigidity of the box. This way, the package will look beautiful, not rough, but very strong and sturdy.

Rigid boxes are chosen to hold wine, household items, electronic devices, phones, gifts, candies, and many other products.

This type of box’s production and printing process is similar to that of other paper boxes. After determining the weight and size of the product, the manufacturer will design a sample box (or the customer will provide a sample). Next, the manufacturer and the customer agree on the box’s material. Will a sturdy carton box be chosen and printed with a couch, duplex, or art paper?

After both parties agree and no further adjustments are needed, a sample will be produced and printed for the customer to check the actual product with the design. If satisfied, mass production will be carried out according to the quantity signed in the order.

Currently, most box designs are in the form of snap-on or foldable lids with adhesive glue. For boxes that contain electronic devices or machinery, a reliable and convenient method is necessary to ensure the required safety.

Note during the production process:

  • Choosing the appropriate paper material for the product’s needs, purposes, and characteristics is essential.
  • Product packaging is a highly effective marketing tool, so choose elegant designs suitable for the business’s sales marketing campaign.
  • Do not compromise on the quality of paper material by using cheap options that do not meet the requirements, as it will directly affect the product and the business’s image.

Where to print high-quality rigid paper boxes?

To have a beautiful and high-quality rigid paper box, you need to choose a reputable and branded manufacturing company that can meet your production needs, such as:

  • Design eye-catching box models that are suitable for your intended use
  • Use paper materials that meet the standard requirements
  • Have experience in producing rigid boxes
  • Be able to meet the large quantity production requirements
  • Provide reasonable production costs.

Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging is proud to be a leading manufacturer of high-end, rigid boxes in the current market. With many years of experience designing and producing product packaging, we have received and completed large orders and will ensure production progress according to customer requirements.

Especially, Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging has a team of professional graphic designers, modern printing equipment with high capacity, and can meet large orders that need to be completed quickly. Customers can trust us to design and manufacture rigid box packaging for Hoang Vuong. We are sure to satisfy customers with the products we produce.

Here are some beautiful and luxurious high-end, rigid box models.


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