How is cosmetic packaging design carried out?

How is cosmetic packaging design carried out?

Hopcungcaocap – The cosmetics industry is considered a field that requires a high level of dedication, passion, and aesthetic taste. Regardless of whether the products are large or small, expensive or moderately priced, they all need to be dressed up in a beautiful, elegant, and attractive “outfit” to showcase the dedication and aesthetic taste of the manufacturer. This is because it is a “powerful ally” that helps people feel confident, radiant, and more in love with life! So, how is cosmetic packaging design carried out?

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The process of designing cosmetic packaging

Makeup always requires you to follow the necessary steps, such as foundation, primer, powder, etc. Packaging for cosmetics is no different; it consists of 3 layers of packaging, including product packaging, inner packaging, and outer packaging.

  • Product packaging or the product shell is the container for cosmetics, which can be lipstick, a jar of foundation, primer, powder compact, etc.
  • Inner packaging is the inner box that contains the product packaging.
  • The outer packaging is the outermost layer that comes into first contact with customers, which can be a bag or a shipping box.

To have beautiful cosmetic packaging, please refer to the following design process:

Step 1: Identify potential customers

This is considered an essential initial step because it shapes your design style and model. You need to know who you are designing for. Are they young girls in a dreamy period, idolizing celebrities? Are they mature women with personality, style, and the need for “quality”? Or are they men who like to take care of their appearance?

Once you have identified your potential customers, know what they are looking for or need, and you will determine the necessary style and model to design.

Step 2: Study brand and product classification

The brand is the top priority for businesses as it helps them develop long-term and sustainable growth. Each brand will have its style, which can be high-end, popular, classic, or modern – directly reflected in the product packaging.

Product classification identifies the function and purpose of designing packaging with suitable size and shape.

Step 3: Design cosmetic packaging

After determining the style and basic design of the product packaging, the next step is to proceed with a detailed plan.

First is the illustration for the product, which can be nature-oriented, mysterious, captivating, or luxurious – all in the design style you have determined beforehand.

Next is the color. You should choose colors according to the brand’s main color to attract customers and create a lasting impression – shaping the brand.

After determining the image and color, consider the font you will use. The font is also an element that must follow the style and is the most clearly defining element of the style. It should be easy to read; no one likes product packaging they can’t read anything on.

To complete the packaging design, you need to add some basic information such as:

  • Label
  • Production information, expiration date
  • Warning
  • ….

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Step 4: Test printing, consultation, and finalizing the design sample with the customer

After completing the design sample on the computer, it is necessary to print a test to allow the customer to consider and consult on suitable materials and printing methods that match the characteristics and capabilities of the business. The design must meet the quality, aesthetics, and suitability requirements for the purpose and business situation.

Why do customers choose Hoang Vuong paper packaging to design product packaging?

Hoang Vuong paper packaging is a unit with professional graphic designers who have implemented many design projects for famous brands nationwide. With a professional and efficient working process and a cooperative and dedicated attitude toward customers, we will surely provide customers with the perfect cosmetic packaging design samples.

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When choosing Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging, we commit to always completing projects on schedule, supporting any questions, and advising customers on the most reasonable options based on our experience and expertise.

In addition to design, when printing and producing cosmetic packaging at Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging, customers will always receive quality products at reasonable prices!

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