How many types of cardboard boxes are there?

Hộp chocolate cao cấp

How many types of cardboard boxes are there?

hopcungcaocap. vn – Cardboard boxes are not unfamiliar to everyone. They are a box that helps you store items safely and conveniently while moving, and they are exceptionally environmentally friendly. But have you ever wondered how many types of cardboard boxes there are?

To classify cardboard boxes, people rely on the box’s material, form, and characteristics. Currently, there are three popular types: corrugated cardboard boxes, die-cut cardboard boxes, and lidded cardboard boxes. Here is the detailed information for each class:

Corrugated cardboard boxes

Corrugated boxes combine pieces of corrugated cardboard made from kraft paper pulp and corrugated board with A, B, C, or E wave heights. After being corrugated on a machine, each type will have different wave heights, strengths, and load-bearing capacities.

The advantage of corrugated boxes is their high durability, good load-bearing capacity, and ability to hold various items of different sizes.

Hộp carton bồi

E flute corrugated cardboard

Die-cut cardboard boxes

Die-cut cardboard boxes are boxes that do not have a lid but have handle holes on two sides or a foldable design that is manufactured by using a die-cutting mold to create holes in the box.

These boxes come in many styles and sizes to suit all customer needs, with aesthetic appeal and long-lasting durability. Die-cut cardboard boxes are commonly used for shoe boxes, postal boxes, product or merchandise packaging, and cake boxes.

Hộp đựng bánh kem

Cake box with perforated design and handle

Many customers choose the perforated cardboard box with a handle for convenience when carrying and transporting. In addition, using a cardboard box with printed brand information is a good PR and communication strategy that helps bring the brand closer to customers. This is why large brands always use their chests with the company logo, information, or slogan printed on them, cleverly bringing their brand into the awareness and habits of consumers.

Covered cardboard box

The covered cardboard box is a type that has four sides that are tightly closed and a thick, flat bottom with a separate lid. With an elegant, sophisticated, and easy-to-open lid design, the covered cardboard box is often used to hold valuable items, components, or goods that require professional packaging. On occasions such as the Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year’s Day, and Lunar New Year, many companies order this type of covered cardboard box to use as gifts for their customers.

Hộp cứng cao cấp

The beautiful and luxurious covered paper carton box

It can be seen that using paper carton boxes brings a lot of benefits for us. From containing to protecting various objects and products of diverse sizes. Used as decoration and brand promotion through printing logos and brand/company information on the box,… In addition, paper carton boxes and other products are also used in the packaging industry to protect specialized products.

If you want to consult or order quality and durable paper carton box products, please get in touch with us immediately for the best service.


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