How many types of pharmaceutical packaging are there?

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Packaging is an indispensable product for pharmaceuticals, and each medication will have different types of pharmaceutical packaging. To understand the details of the types of packaging currently in common use, please refer to the article below!

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Packaging is an indispensable product for pharmaceuticals

The role of packaging with various types of pharmaceuticals

Various types of pharmaceuticals will be stored in packaging from the production line. Packaging acts as an effective barrier to protect drugs from harmful agents. In particular, for level 1 packaging, which is direct contact packaging with pharmaceuticals, is highly regarded for quality standards. Imagine, if there were no packaging, the chemicals would be released outside and react with external components, causing a loss of product purity and even affecting human life.

Meanwhile, if you use quality packaging during the transport and storage of drug products when in contact with drugs, it will create changes in packaging, affecting the process of sterilization and disinfection, which are basic packaging functions. Therefore, the use of packaging needs to be carried out according to strict technical procedures to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the product.

Additionally, the packaging is also a source of information about the product, such as the drug name, place of manufacture, expiration date, manufacturing company, etc., that helps consumers understand the product and how to use it appropriately.

Các bao bì có tác dụng là màn chắn hiệu quả để bảo vệ thuốc khỏi các tác nhân gây hại

Packaging serves as an effective barrier to protect drugs from harmful factors.

Classification of pharmaceutical packaging

Based on different criteria, pharmaceutical packaging can be classified into different types.

Based on the degree of contact between the pharmaceutical product and the packaging, there are two types:

  • Grade 1 packaging: This type of packaging is designed with specific standards as it has the closest direct contact with the drug. Examples of this type of packaging include blister packs, bottles, strip packs, etc.
  • Grade 2 packaging: This type of packaging does not have direct contact with the drug but is placed outside a grade 1 packaging layer. They are used to encase grade 1 packaging. There are not as many strict standards for grade 2 packaging as there are for grade 1 packaging. However, they must still meet the requirements for a pharmaceutical packaging product.

Based on the chemical properties of the pharmaceutical packaging, it can also be divided into two types:

  • Rubber stopper packaging
  • Glass stopper packaging
  • Raised button packaging
Phân loại bao bì dược phẩm

Classification of pharmaceutical packaging

In addition, based on the material of the packaging, it can also be classified into PVC packaging, aluminum foil packaging, etc.

Based on the industry usage, it can be further divided into the following types:

  • Pharmaceutical specialized packaging: blister packs, neutral glass, …
  • Multi-industry packaging such as carton boxes, paper, …

Based on each type’s characteristics and properties, pharmaceutical packaging will have different classifications. However, they all have specific standards and requirements. Therefore, you must choose reputable and quality packaging design and printing companies with detailed knowledge of these standards to apply appropriate printing technology. Wish you success!


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