Important notes when printing product packaging labels

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Important notes when printing product packaging labels

Hopcungcaocap – Many people think that designing and printing labels for product packaging is not a difficult task. However, many label products are created that do not develop practical effects and cause customers to refuse to buy products. So, don’t miss this article; we will share with you important notes when printing product packaging labels!

Product packaging labels must provide clear and accurate product information.

One of the first important notes when designing and printing labels for product packaging is to provide product information clearly and accurately. The reason is that the information on the label directly affects customers’ shopping behavior. Just providing incomplete or inaccurate information will make customers ignore the product.

Basic information that needs to be included on packaging labels includes product name, logo, ingredients, usage, weight, capacity, production date – expiration date, name of the manufacturing unit, usage instructions, barcode, and necessary precautions when using the product.

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Pay attention to the aesthetic factor when printing packaging labels

The next issue to note is the aesthetic factor of the label, including color, image, and font. These are considered the three main factors that make up the aesthetic value of the label. Color, image, and font play a decisive role in whether the label is eye-catching, attractive, and impressive to customers. Therefore, maximize your creativity and aesthetic sense to create the most beautiful label for your product. Specifically:

Regarding color: When choosing colors, you must consider the product’s characteristics and make it consistent with the brand. For example, if your product is organic and environmentally friendly, you should consider choosing green. A label with a color scheme consistent with the brand identity and targeting potential customers will bring good results.

Regarding images: The most important thing is using authentic photos that are true to the product. No one will trust a product with advertising images that are entirely different from the actual product images, which can make customers lose trust in the product or brand even if they do not know the quality of the product. If you want to make an impression or create a vivid image, combine it with an artistic photo concept. For example, for mooncakes, to create a memorable and attractive image, you can create a photo concept with mooncakes, tea, and flowers.

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Regarding fonts: The golden rule is that the font must be easy to see and read. Some companies and brands intentionally create differentiation by using artistic and unique fonts. However, this sometimes has the opposite effect. Many customers feel uncomfortable having to strain their eyes to read every word on the packaging and no longer want to buy the product. Therefore, for fonts, focus on simplicity!

Above are some basic but essential tips when printing product packaging labels. Hopefully, this article will give you new ideas for your design!

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