Investing in printing machinery is a critical task!

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Investing in printing machinery is a critical task!

Hopcungcaocap – The packaging and printing industry is important and directly affects the country’s industrial sector. The printing industry has been developing strongly in recent years, leading to increased competition. Therefore, what printing production and service businesses urgently need to do now is to focus on investing in printing equipment to improve labor productivity and product quality.

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Why is investing in printing machinery a critical task?

The printing industry in Vietnam is growing daily, with an expected growth rate of about 10% per year. This is a significant leap that promises to bring new economic advances. The printing industry is an indispensable support industry for many other manufacturing industries.

Recognizing this, many foreign businesses have invested in Vietnam, making the competition among printing and packaging service providers increasingly fierce.

However, it must be acknowledged that many Vietnamese printing and packaging companies are lagging behind many joint ventures with foreign investment. The reason is that the equipment is outdated, old, and obsolete, leading to poor labor productivity and product quality that does not truly meet customers’ needs.

Vietnamese businesses must invest significantly in printing and packaging equipment to overcome this situation. Only then can Vietnamese companies make significant changes and improve their competitive position. And only then can they retain customers according to the criterion of Vietnamese people using Vietnamese products.

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Common types of printers.

Before deciding to invest in printing machinery, let’s explore with us the popular types of printers today, including:

  • Offset printing machine: this type of machine uses advanced and modern printing technology. After being coated with ink (from the ink supply tray), images will be pressed onto a rubber sheet and then from the rubber sheet onto paper.
  • Silk screen printing machine: operates on the principle that the ink supply will be divided into two parts. One part will pass through the screen and print onto the material, while chemicals will seal the other part.
  • Typo printing machine: uses modern printing technology, where the printing elements receive ink and transfer it to the material and then onto paper. The printing elements are designed to be higher than the non-printing elements.
  • Copper cylinder printing machine: a type of machine that uses sunken printing technology, where the printing elements are sunken into the metal surface. When the ink is supplied to the printing plate, it will overflow into the sunken printing element. At this time, the ink-scraping knife will remove the excess ink from the surface of the printing plate. Then, the ink from the hollow part will be transferred to the printing surface by printing pressure. The copper cylinder printing machine has a printing plate made of steel and is coated with a thin layer of copper. The printing element engraved on the copper cylinder is coated with a thin chrome layer to protect the printing plate.
  • Flexo printing machine: is a type of machine commonly used in producing packaging, label printing, and carton boxes, and has a printing plate made from photosensitive plastic materials.

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Address to buy/sell reliable and quality printing machinery

Printing machinery is a valuable economic asset, so choosing a reputable and high-quality address to buy and sell printing machinery is critical and needs to be carefully considered.

Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Co., Ltd. always accompanies your company on the journey of creativity, seeking innovation and differentiation. Your success is our achievement and motivation for us to continue to be more creative and professional.

We commit to providing products with the most competitive prices, sales services, and after-sales policies compared to other products of the same type in the market and satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Contact us now for advice on the most suitable products for your production and business needs!


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Buying and selling printing machinery

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