Kraft Paper Bags and Their Practical Benefits for Businesses

Sử dụng túi giấy để bảo vệ môi trường sống

Kraft Paper Bags and Their Practical Benefits for Businesses – Do you remember the last time you went shopping and received your purchase in a plastic or paper bag? Actually, you and many of us are familiar with the appearance of paper bags. Paper bags for clothing, jewelry, food, etc. And surely, when you receive items in a paper bag, you will have a better impression than when using a plastic bag! Because paper bags, in general, and kraft paper bags, in particular, are both environmentally friendly and safe for health, durable, and effectively convey the business’s image to consumers.

Kraft paper bags are environmentally friendly

Kraft paper? It sounds unfamiliar, but it is very close to us, and you have definitely used it at least once! Kraft paper is another name for paper used to make cement bags, ripening bags for fruits, and other types of packaging. Made from the chemical pulp of softwood and then processed through the kraft process, this type of paper is very environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable, recyclable, and does not harm human health. Therefore, kraft paper is widely used in producing food packaging bags, paper packaging for goods, boxes, and more.

Kraft paper bags are made from kraft paper and are very environmentally friendly. You often see kraft paper bags in earthy yellow color used for ripening food are very popular, right? Because this type of paper bag is easy to biodegrade and recycle and does not cause pollution like plastic bags.


túi giấy kraft

Kraft paper bags are environmentally friendly.

Kraft paper bags have high durability

The outstanding advantage of kraft paper is its flexibility, high durability, and good resistance to wear and tear. Therefore, kraft paper is widely used to produce food packaging bags, eco-friendly paper bags, carton boxes, envelopes, name cards, clothing tags, and document covers.

If you are a food processor, fashion business, supermarket, or grocery store, kraft paper bags are a smart and optimal choice! Packing food, especially fresh food, in a kraft paper bag ensures hygiene, customer-friendly, and is highly durable. Packing products in paper bags is both safe and provides privacy, without the worry of the bag tearing or the food getting too hot and spoiling, as can happen with plastic bags.

Using high-durability paper bags

Kraft paper bags save costs for businesses

The practical benefit that kraft paper bags bring to businesses is cost savings. Specifically:

  • Kraft paper bags are highly durable and beautiful, so businesses do not have to spend much money on cases of quick damage or unattractive designs.
  • Kraft paper bags are cheaper than other types of paper bags.
  • Although kraft paper bags may be more expensive than plastic bags, they are more customer-friendly and safe, and therefore, businesses can make a good impression on customers and save significant marketing costs.

Kraft paper bags are the image of a business.

Kraft paper is suitable for ink absorption, making it easier and more popular than ever to print a business name, logo, brand, or slogan on kraft paper bags. An environmentally friendly, sturdy bag with a beautiful image will leave a good impression on customers. This is a simple, effective, and long-term way to bring your brand closer to customers. A beautiful bag will be kept and used for other purposes by customers, and the image of the business will gradually become a part of everyday life and a habit of consumers.




Túi xách giấy kaft

                                          Kraft paper bags are the image of the business.


As society develops, people increasingly seek and value humanistic values that are close to nature and safe for health. That is the reason why kraft paper bags were born and bring the most practical benefits to businesses.

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