Learn about corrugated paper box

Hộp giấy carton sóng

Learn about corrugated paper box

Hopcungcaocap.vn – You must have seen the models of corrugated paper boxes that are not too big but very sturdy and strong, haven’t you? And you wonder what that corrugated box is, how it is made, how many types there are, and what its uses are? In this article, let’s explore the above-mentioned corrugated paper box.

What is a corrugated paper box?

A corrugated paper box is a type of box made from corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is made from kraft paper pulp; some thick cardboard sheets from 0.25mm create waves and folds. Corrugated cardboard is rolled on a machine with different types of waves.

The types of paper waves used for making corrugated cardboard are:

  • Wave type A: a 4.7mm high wave type that can distribute weight evenly across the paper surface.
  • Wave type B: a 2.5mm wave type that can withstand puncture at a high level.
  • Wave type C combines wave types A and B with a wave height of 3.6mm. This is the most common type of wave and replaces the majority of wave type A because wave type C has fewer grooves than wave type A by about 15%.
  • Wave type E is used for lightweight cardboard boxes with a low weight-bearing capacity and a wave height of 1.5mm.

hộp giấy carton sóng
Wave types of cardboard boxes

How many types of corrugated cardboard boxes are there?

Corrugated cardboard boxes are divided into 3 types, including 3-layer corrugated boxes, 5-layer corrugated boxes, and 7-layer corrugated boxes. Specifically:

  • 3-layers corrugated boxes are made from 1 layer of corrugated cardboard sandwiched between 2 layers of stiff, flat cardboard. This type is usually used to hold lightweight to medium-weight products.
  • 5-layer corrugated boxes have 2 layers of corrugated cardboard and 3 layers of stiff, flat cardboard. This type is typically used to hold relatively heavy products.
  • 7-layer corrugated boxes consist of 7 layers of paper: 3 layers of corrugated cardboard, 2 layers of stiff cardboard, and 2 layers of matte paper. This type is used to hold heavy products that require high safety.

Giấy carton sóng 3 lớp

3-layers corrugated paper

What are the uses and advantages of corrugated cardboard boxes?

Corrugated cardboard boxes have outstanding advantages thanks to their excellent mechanical properties, high stiffness, and ability to withstand strong impact forces. Therefore, corrugated boxes are often used to store products that require safety, have a relatively heavy weight, or need to preserve the product’s shape during storage and transportation.

Depending on the type of product to be stored in the box, the appropriate variety of packages with a suitable wave layer is chosen. For example, a 5-layer or 7-layer corrugated box should be used for heavy or fragile products requiring safety.

It should also be noted that the sturdiness of corrugated cardboard boxes will depend on the paper material, weight, and type of corrugation used.

Mẫu hộp giấy carton sóng

Sample corrugated cardboard box.

The above is information about corrugated cardboard boxes’ classification, advantages, and uses. Hopefully, this information has been somewhat helpful to you.

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