Learn about the process of printing Tet gift boxes in 2020

Dịch vụ thiết kế in ấn hộp quà tết 2020

Learn about the process of printing Tet gift boxes in 2020

Hocpcungcaocap – Printing Tet gift boxes in 2020 is a demand of most businesses as the old year is coming to an end and the new year is approaching. It may seem simple, but printing gift boxes that are beautiful, elegant, and meet customers’ exact needs is a primary concern for service providers printing Tet gifts. In this article, let’s explore what to keep in mind and the current process of printing Tet gift boxes!

What customers need to keep in mind when printing Tet gift boxes

In the past, Tet gifts were not carefully decorated. They were put in a bag, or a more luxurious option was small, cute gift boxes. Nowadays, with the rapid development of printing technology, Tet gift boxes have undergone many changes. Gift boxes have become more diverse in size, design, and style, providing users with more options.

Using gift boxes for Tet not only brings sophistication and adds value to the gift but also shows respect for the recipient. Perhaps that’s why the demand for printing Tet gift boxes for individuals, organizations, and businesses is increasing. They want unique products to give to their employees and loved ones.

lưu ý khi in hộp quà tết năm 2020Before using the Tet gift box printing service in 2020, customers need to consider the following:

  • Choosing a Tet gift box printing company: This is very important because they are the ones who decide the quality of the gift box. Many stores print gift boxes on the market, and you can refer to them to choose the most suitable one.
  • Notify the printing company about your desired quantity, design, and style. From there, the store’s staff can provide specific advice on prices and related issues.

The process of printing Tet gift boxes in 2020

To produce elegant and high-quality Tet gift boxes, the following specific processes must be undergone:

  • Step 1: Design or select a Tet gift box printing template

After consulting with the customer regarding their printing needs, the staff will proceed with the consultation. There are two ways for customers to choose:

+ Choose from existing Tet gift box printing templates: With this method, the consultant will provide several available Tet gift box templates for the customer to choose from. After selecting the desired template, the customer will agree on the size and quantity with the staff.

+ Design their own Tet gift box printing template: With this method, the customer will work with the company’s design team, providing them with ideas, content, etc. The staff will then design according to the customer’s requirements and make adjustments until the most suitable design is. Then, the customer will agree on the size and quantity of prints with the staff.

Dịch vụ thiết kế in ấn hộp quà tết 2020

  • Step 2: Choose the material to print the Tet gift box

Tet gift boxes can be made from various materials. Therefore, you should choose to depend on the recipient you intend to give to balance the cost. For example, if you give to relatives or influential people, you should select high-end durable materials. But if you make them in large quantities to give to employees, you should choose more affordable materials.

  • Step 3: Print a sample Tet gift box

Once all the quantity, design, and size information has been agreed upon, the store will print a sample to check for errors, such as blurry or dirty prints. Mass production will occur if the print quality is ensured and the customer is satisfied. This will help avoid mistakes or issues during printing and ensure the product is completed.

  • Step 4: Process the Tet gift box product

After printing, depending on your needs, the printing company will process it into a complete Tet gift box or not. Then, you can either pick up the product directly or have the store deliver it to you.


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