Learn about the types of materials used for Tet gift boxes

Hộp quà tết 2020

Learn about the types of materials used for Tet gift boxes

Tet gift boxes have long become familiar to us. But have you ever wondered what materials they are made of? In this article, let’s explore the types of materials used for Tet gift boxes!

Why use gift boxes for Tet?

Beautifully designed Tet gift boxes will enhance the aesthetics and increase the value of the gift inside. Not only that, it also helps to store and protect the product from external influences.

Just bringing a gift without packaging will look plain and lack elegance. Moreover, the recipient also feels not respected and uncomfortable. Whether the gift is valuable, a beautiful appearance still wins the recipient’s favor.
Hộp quà tết 2020

Types of materials used to make Tet gift boxes

Tet gifts are indispensable items you can send to friends, relatives, and business partners… They express their gratitude and appreciation to the recipients. Tet gifts placed in luxurious gift boxes will significantly increase their value. Below are the main types of materials used to make Tet gift boxes.

Cold carton

Cold carton is one of the most popular high-end materials for making Tet gift boxes. Unlike regular cartons, the cold carton is like a piece of wood. Compressed wood fibers at high density are the main component to make this material.

The material’s advantages include its water resistance, good impact resistance, and a certain hardness level. Therefore, premium Tet gift boxes often use this type of material. Depending on the size of the gift, the thickness and size of the cold carton will be selected accordingly.
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There are many ways to complete a premium Tet gift box made of cold cartons. Manufacturers can directly print on the cold carton or use additional lining papers. The lining papers used with cold cartons include:

+ C paper: The packaging of the Tet gift box will be printed on C paper, then lined on the cold carton. The advantage of this type of paper is its low cost, good ink adhesion, and sharpness. Whether or not the Tet gift box is beautiful and luxurious depends mainly on the design and printing.

+ Embossed paper and art paper: Both types of paper have the advantage of being beautiful and increasing the luxury of the gift box. However, with high cost, these two paper types are only used for truly high-end gift boxes.

Bristol paper

Bristol paper is a type of cardstock with two sides that are coated white. This type of paper is widely used in the printing industry in general, including for printing Tet gift boxes. The advantage of using Bristol paper is that it has a smooth, glossy surface and good ink adhesion. To increase the thickness of the Tet gift box product, several layers of Bristol paper will typically be pressed together to create thickness and rigidity for the finished product.

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Tet gift boxes made from Bristol paper will have a slightly shiny, smooth surface, giving them an elegant and high-end appearance. However, this material is only suitable for gift items that are not too heavy, such as tea, cosmetics, and candy. If heavier items, such as bottles of wine, are placed inside, the box may tear.

Ivory Paper

The surface of Ivory paper is usually white or off-white. The material for making Tet gift boxes is coated on one side, while the other is rough white. It is much thicker and stiffer than Bristol paper. Depending on the gift box, Ivory paper comes in different standard sizes for a perfect fit.

The advantages of this type of material are that the glossy surface makes the print sharp, it is durable, waterproof, resilient, and can withstand light impacts. Incredibly, Ivory paper is reasonably priced and provides many superior advantages. Therefore, it is one of the most commonly used materials for making Tet gift boxes.

giấy ivory làm hộp quà

Those are some shares about the materials for making Tet gift boxes. Hopefully, this article is somewhat useful to you. Contact us now to get quality Tet gift box-making services at a reasonable price!


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