Looking back on the process of the formation and development of cardboard paper packaging


Looking back on the process of the formation and development of cardboard paper packaging

Our daily products are carefully wrapped in various packaging materials, mainly cardboard.

Paper packaging underwent a long historical journey to achieve its widespread popularity today. Let’s go back in time to find out how paper packaging came to be and how it developed.


Carton paper box

The process of the formation of cardboard paper packaging

Before paper emerged, humans recorded events by drawing on caves, carving on clay tablets, or later on leather. Paper was invented to replace materials such as stone, wood, tree bark, animal skin, etc., that humans used to write and draw on.

In 105, Ts’ai Lun, a Chinese man, discovered paper. Around 400, the Indians knew how to make paper. After about 500 years, the Abbasid Caliphate people began to use form.

And since then, there have been many places worldwide that have begun to produce and use paper. But it wasn’t until 1690 that the paper industry truly flourished when William Rittenhouse and Nicholas-Louis Robert made the first paper mill in the United States, which improved and introduced continuous production models in 1799.


Paper was invented for writing and drawing to replace stone, wood, bark, and animal skins.

The development of carton paper packaging

  • In 1800, corrugated paper was invented and used as packaging material for most products due to its high durability, resistance to mechanical impacts, and convenience in transportation. It can also be recycled, saving resources and reducing environmental pollution.
  • In 1803, the first continuous paper production machine was patented.
  • In 1854, paper pulp made from wood was first produced in England.
  • In 1871, the folded paper appeared as packaging material for glass and kerosene lamp chimneys.
  • In 1894, corrugated cartons were slit and cut into the first boxes. Wells Fargo began using corrugated carton boxes for small cargo shipments by sea.
  • In 1903, corrugated cartons were approved as a valid and commonly used material for transporting grains by water.


Carton paper packaging is used in almost every field.

Carton paper packaging is familiar to us all, but few people know that it has gone through many stages and efforts to become what it is today. Carton paper packaging has advantages that few other types can replace, so it still has many opportunities for further development and advancement in the present and future.

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