Luxury 2021 Tet gift boxes

Hộp bìa cứng

For thousands of years, the exchange of Tet gifts has been a ritual to show the love and respect of the Vietnamese people. The facilities are solemnly placed in high-class gift boxes to add a luxurious look to the product. Have you got any ideas for a high-end 2021 Tet gift box for your business this year? Check out some of our suggestions below!

The meaning of Tet gift boxes to businesses

Every Tet holiday, business owners focus on Tet gift boxes. This is how they pay attention to the brand image and try to build and develop it better in the eyes of partners and customers. The meaning of each Tet gift box is not simply a gift for each other on holidays and Tet. They are also:

  • Through Tet gift boxes, businesses want to show their gratitude to customers.
  • Practical tools to promote products of businesses: Gift boxes are moved all over the country, carrying information about the company. Customers will be impressed with the meticulousness in preparing gift boxes to have a certain sympathy for the business. From there, when they have a need related to your business, they will first remember it.
  • Increased competitiveness against competitors.
  • Express the level of the business through the form of gift boxes.
  • Create sympathy for customers, thereby developing more relationships and potentially receiving more new customers.
Ý nghĩa hộp quà tết 2021

Meaning of Tet gift box 2021

Top models of luxurious 2021 Tet gift boxes for your reference

Let’s take a look at some luxurious 2021 Tet gift boxes with Hoang Vuong:

Wine box

Wine is an excellent gift that shows the class of the business. Usually, this gift is given to partners or VIP customers of the company. Since this is a high-value product, the gift box also focuses on appearance. Paper material must be thick and hard to bear the force. The inside of the package must have an extra layer of padding to ensure the transportation process. Regarding the color of the gift boxes, usually, red is used to match the Tet holiday atmosphere.

Hoàng Vương nhận sản xuất hộp quà tết 2021

Samples of wine gift boxes

New Year gift box of nutritious nuts

Health is the top concern of consumers. Grasping this mentality, many businesses choose Tet gifts as nutritious seeds as wishes of peace and abundant health to recipients. The selected nutritious nuts are macadamia nuts, kernels, cashews, etc. They have a long, safe storage time and are carefully packed in high-grade carton boxes.

Hộp quà tết các loại hạt dinh dưỡng

New Year gift box of nutritious nuts

Traditional gift box

Gift boxes with the traditional Tet atmosphere, containing the identity and quintessence of the nation, have never been “outdated.” Tet 2021, let’s start the new year with red cardboard gift boxes as the central theme to express the atmosphere of the traditional New Year. Besides, there is a way to decorate with Tet holiday symbols such as apricot blossom and peach blossom. Inside the gift box are combos of familiar products such as cakes, sandwiches, jams, wine, etc.

Hộp quà tết trà truyền thống

Traditional tea gift box

Modern Tet gift box

Besides the traditional style gift boxes. Gift boxes that are innovated in a more modern style but still inherit the quintessence of the nation are being chosen by many businesses. Why don’t you try selecting gift boxes with unique and funny patterns this New Year? These motifs and designs can make your gift box stand out from various traditional products.

Hộp quà tết hiện đại 2021

Modern Tet gift box 2021

Whether you choose the style of high-end 2021 Tet gift boxes according to modern or traditional trends, luxury or health-oriented, the ultimate goal is still to wish for peace and prosperity on the occasion of the new year. Again, Hoang Vuong expects you to choose suitable Tet gift boxes to send to particular people. If you need to produce gift boxes for Tet 2021, you can contact us immediately for advice on the designs and styles of gift boxes that suit you. Hoang Vuong is looking forward to serving you!


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Samples of Tet gift boxes 2021

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