Packaging paper boxes: Structure, classification, and advantages!

Hộp giấy gói hàng

Packaging paper boxes: Structure, classification, and advantages!

Packaging goods using cartons/paper boxes is increasingly popular because of its convenience and ability to save significant costs during transportation. In the content below, let’s learn about the structure and advantages of using packaging paper boxes. We hope the article will be helpful to you!

Mẫu hộp giấy gói hàng

Packaging paper box sample


Structure of packaging paper box

Most carton boxes today have a structure of 3 corrugated layers distributed in the middle layer and two inner and outer sides, specifically:

  • Outer surface: Smooth, beautiful colors, flexible changes
  • Middle layer: Wave-shaped layer, rough surface, challenging to observe
  • Inside: Smooth, brown or papery surface

In terms of size, packaging paper boxes come in many sizes depending on usage needs, of which some popular sizes are:

  • Box size 30x30x20 (cm) or 50x30x40 (cm): used to store shoes, cosmetics, clothes, fashion items, etc.
  • Box size 10x10x8 (cm) 10x10x6 (cm) or 6x6x6 (cm): often used to store minor cosmetics.
  • Box size 20x20x10 (cm) or 20x15x10 (cm): often used to store medium-sized products such as large cosmetics, gifts, etc.
Hộp giấy gói hàng có cấu tạo mặt trong, mặt ngoài và ở giữa là các lớp sóng

Packaging paper boxes have corrugated layers inside, outside, and in the middle.


Classification of packaging paper boxes

Based on the needs and characteristics of each type of goods, people classify packaging carton boxes as follows:

  • (1) Regular packaging paper box: The most commonly used box type today, simple design, easy to use, convenient, thick with 3 or 5 corrugated layers, using adhesive tape to stick and packaging.
  • (2) Wrapping paper boxes with lids: A type of box designed to overlap and intertwine, thereby increasing the ability to protect goods, making it easy to pack, saving time and effort.
  • (3) Perforated wrapping paper boxes: Similar to perforated carton boxes, perforated packaging cartons have a perforated design on both sides for easier holding. This box type is not designed to pack goods for long-distance transport but is only suitable for short-distance transport.
  • (4) Yin-yang packaging paper box: A type of box with a separately designed lid and body, in which the lid is the positive part and the box’s body is the negative part. The advantage of this type of box is that it is easy to open and close, convenient to use, and preserves goods well.
Hộp giấy gói hàng

Packaging paper box


Advantages of using paper boxes to package goods

The number of stores/shops using cartons/paper boxes to package goods is increasing, especially when the need for online shopping is becoming a habit for consumers.

Regarding economics, paper boxes deserve to be the top choice for packaging and transporting goods, especially with e-commerce orders, with their compact and easy packaging.

Accordingly, some benefits and advantages of cartons/boxes used to package goods are:

  • Lightweight, save shipping costs.
  • Packaging is easy, ensuring the safety of goods
  • Beautiful appearance, showing the professionalism of the seller
  • Branding can be printed on the box as an additional form of marketing.
Hộp carton đóng hàng đang rất được ưa chuộng sử dụng

Carton packaging boxes are commonly used.


Address that provides packaging paper boxes at reasonable prices

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High-class carton box

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