Print beautiful, luxurious and meaningful 2019 mooncake boxes!

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Print beautiful, luxurious, and meaningful 2019 mooncake boxes!

Mooncake is an indispensable gift during every Mid-Autumn Festival. In addition to the quality of the cake, the brand and the outer packaging design are also essential factors that determine whether customers choose the product. A beautiful, luxurious, and sophisticated Mooncake box will help businesses create unforgettable impressions in customers’ hearts. So, how will the 2019 Mooncake box be designed and produced? Let’s find out with Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging in this article!

The meaning of the Mooncake box

Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the important festivals in the culture and traditional customs of Vietnamese people. This is the reunion day for family members; everyone gathers together, talks, eats cakes, drinks tea, visits, appreciates, and cares for each other. The love between family members, friends, colleagues, and partners strengthens from there.

This is a good opportunity for businesses to implement effective brand marketing programs through high-end, luxurious, and meticulous box designs for Mooncakes.

In addition to protecting the cake, the Mooncake box is the first factor that creates a favorable impression and influences customers’ purchasing decisions.

Ý nghĩa hộp bánh trung thu

Material for Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 gift boxes

In 2019, creativity, quality, and luxury were highly valued. Therefore, the preferred materials for making Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes are sturdy cardboard, couche paper, art paper, or kraft paper reinforced on the outside. In addition, businesses can choose to decorate the boxes with embossing, metallic foil, or texture printing to highlight their messages and logos.

  • Gift boxes made from kraft paper have the advantage of being stronger than other paper types and are cost-effective. Additionally, kraft paper is recyclable and environmentally friendly, making it a green trend and contributing to protecting the environment.
  • Gift boxes made from couche paper have a luxurious appearance, combining multiple colors to make them highly recognizable. Laminating couche paper helps the boxes resist water better than other paper types. These advantages and the variety of colors make couche paper a popular and trusted option for many customers.

A perfect Mid-Autumn Festival gift box cannot be without a paper bag to add luxury and convenience when used and transported. Usually, the paper bag will be designed to match the gift box, using couche paper or kraft paper.

Beautiful and meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival gift box designs for 2019.

mẫu hộp bánh trung thu 2019

hộp bánh trung thu đẹp

hộp đựng bánh và rượu

hộp bánh trung thu sang trọng

hộp bánh girval

Where to get beautiful 2019 mooncake boxes printed?

Bao bi Giay Hoang Vuong is a reputable company that designs and manufactures beautiful, meaningful mooncake boxes for domestic businesses. When creating and manufacturing 2019 mooncake boxes at Bao bi giay Hoang Vuong, customers will be consulted and designed based on their needs and usage objectives to produce the most suitable and satisfactory products. Primarily, we have modern equipment and machinery, which can surely quickly meet the demand for large-scale production.


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