Print on environmentally friendly kraft paper bags, save costs!

In túi giấy kraft giá rẻ, mẫu mã đẹp

Print on environmentally friendly kraft paper bags, save costs!

Many stores and businesses are using Kraft paper bags for their operations and environmental protection campaigns. This will be a tool to promote the brand and increase sales effectively. Learn some information and benefits of this type of paper.

Dịch vụ in bao bì giấy giá rẻ, đẹp tại Hoàng Vương

Cheap and beautiful packaging printing services, kraft paper bags at Hoang Vuong

Learn about Kraft paper

Regarding the concept, kraft paper is made from Xenlulozo fibers, also known as recycled paper. They often have a characteristic light brown and yellowish-brown color if not bleached.

Regarding characteristics, kraft paper is highly evaluated for its durability and ability to withstand heavy products inside. In addition, the cost of these types of paper bags is very cheap, so many people choose them for their business operations.

In addition, kraft paper bags made from recycled paper can be recycled multiple times, so they are evaluated for their environmental friendliness.

However, this paper bag also has the disadvantage of being very absorbent, so it has poor water resistance and a characteristic natural brown color. Therefore, printing on this material will not achieve high sharpness and aesthetics if not bleached.

In túi giấy kraft giá rẻ, mẫu mã đẹp

Cheap and beautiful Kraft paper bags

What are the reasons for using Kraft paper bags?

Kraft paper bags offer many benefits to customers, such as:

  • Kraft paper bags are cheaper than other types of paper on the market. Essentially, because the paper is naturally brown, only simple patterns can be printed on the bags, which saves printing costs. This is why many stores choose Kraft paper bags to reduce costs for their business operations and ultimately bring higher profits to their business.
  • Environmentally friendly product: Simple recycled paper is thermally reprocessed to create Kraft paper, so it is extremely safe for human health and the environment when used for packaging food.
  • Effective marketing method: Nowadays, Kraft paper is recommended to replace non-degradable plastic bags. Businesses that use Kraft paper bags will be highly appreciated by their customers, creating a high impression and more effective business recognition.

In túi giấy Kraft đẹp, giá rẻ ở đâu?

Where to get beautiful and cheap Kraft paper bags?

Where to get beautiful and cheap Kraft paper bags?

If your business needs high-quality Kraft paper bags, you can contact Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging for support. With many years of experience in printing, we have a team of highly experienced and highly specialized staff ready to support all customer requirements.

Our company places great emphasis on environmental protection. That is why we choose to produce paper boxes, bags, shelves, etc., instead of plastic. We believe that if you also have the idea of using paper bags, you should start today!

Let’s work together to build a clean, green environment and protect ourselves from natural disasters caused by humans!

Come to Hoang Vuong to own Kraft paper bags as the perfect solution to slow down the climate change process and increase the responsibility of businesses for the community and society.


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