Printing 7-color stickers – you need to know these things!

Tem 7 màu là gì

Printing 7-color stickers – you need to know these things!

Hopcungcaocap – If you plan to print 7-color stickers, don’t miss out on the valuable information in this article! We will share with you the basics you need to know to choose the most optimal sticker printing!

What are 7-color stickers?

Seven-color stickers or hologram stickers are high-end stickers used as warranty seals to help businesses prevent counterfeiting and create a brand image with consumers. They are affixed to consumer products, technology products, packaging or electronic components,.etc.

Tem 7 màu là gì

Structure of 7-color sticker

Usually, a 7-color sticker has a structure of 4 layers, including:

  • Top layer: a thin, glossy nylon film that protects and prevents scratches on the sticker surface.
  • Second layer: a sparkly 7-color decal layer with a 3D effect, so when tilted, the sticker will have color changes, creating an aesthetic for the product.
  • The third layer is a glue layer with good adhesion to help the sticker stick on any surface.
  • The fourth layer is called the base layer, which protects the glue layer before the sticker is used.

When the sticker has been applied, and someone intentionally peels off the sticker, the top layer will automatically peel off, and the second layer will be crushed and no longer has any information on the sticker. At this point, the sticker no longer has any warranty value or anti-counterfeiting function.

Classification of 7-color labels

Currently, various designs of 7-color stickers are classified based on their shape, color, and printing technology. Specifically:

  • By shape: We have rectangular, square, circular, and elliptical 7-color stickers of various sizes.
  • By color: Based on the background color, we have 7-color stickers in silver, gold, green, purple, and red.
  • By printing technology: We have regular 7-color stickers (the most common type with low cost), 3DF, honeycomb, void, and leap number stickers, .etc.

Phân loại tem 7 màu

Characteristics and uses of printing 7-color labels

It’s not by chance that people prefer to use 7-color labels. The reason is that this type of label has the following unique characteristics:

  • The label has eye-catching, bright, and shiny colors like a rainbow
  • Good adhesion can only be used once, helping label users identify signs of deliberate label removal or product use.
  • In particular, this label cannot be counterfeited, with hidden patterns visible when placed at different angles.
  • The label has a very good adhesion ability on all surfaces and can withstand high-humidity environments.

From these characteristics, 7-color labels become useful with functions such as:

  • Used to authenticate genuine products and goods
  • Used as a warranty or seal labels to prevent counterfeits, protect the brand of businesses
  • In addition, with striking colors, 7-color labels also contribute to increasing aesthetic appeal, attracting attention, and creating sophistication for the product.

In tem 7 màu

Printing technology for 7-color labels and its outstanding advantages

To print 7-color labels, laser engraving technology is used instead of conventional ink printing. This is considered the most modern technology currently. Thanks to this, 7-color labels have the advantage of having beautiful artistic quality, sparkling like a rainbow, and changing with different angles. Printing is entirely automated, using modern machinery technology, so when printing 7-color labels, it will produce products with the same size, style, and quality, whether you publish 10 or 1000 pieces.

Above are specific shares about what we need to know when printing 7-color labels. Hopefully, the article has been somewhat helpful to you.


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