Printing anti-counterfeit labels, you need to know these things!

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Printing anti-counterfeit labels, you need to know these things!

Hopcungcaocap – Anti-counterfeit labels are an indispensable element for manufacturing businesses. They help businesses assert their brand, ownership rights, prevent counterfeit and fake goods. Printing anti-counterfeit labels does not cost too much and is usually a service that comes with a cooperation between businesses and packaging manufacturers.

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Learn about anti-counterfeit labels

Anti-counterfeit labels, also known as 7-color or holographic labels, are specially designed and produced to protect and confirm genuine products with a clear origin and guaranteed quality.

Characteristics of anti-counterfeit labels

The outstanding features of anti-counterfeit labels are:

  • They are produced using laser technology without the use of ink.
  • They cannot be copied in any form.
  • Anti-counterfeit labels have 7 rainbow or iridescent colors that change depending on different observation angles.
  • The labels can adhere evenly to the surface of products, and if peeled off for reuse, they will be damaged. This characteristic helps protect products from counterfeiting.

Types of anti-counterfeit labels

Anti-counterfeit labels with circular, square, rectangular, elliptical, petal, triangle shapes, etc., are divided into many types as follows:

  • Regular anti-counterfeit label, with 1 layer
  • Anti-counterfeit labels printed using new technology, with 2 or more layers, called 3D labels (with 2 contents on 1 background)
  • 3DF color-coded anti-counterfeit label is a type of 3D label with added depth
  • Anti-counterfeit labels using QR check codes.

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Types of anti-counterfeit labels nowadays

Advantages of using anti-counterfeit labels

The advantages of using anti-counterfeit labels are also the reasons why manufacturing businesses need to use them for their products:

  • Anti-counterfeit labels help to quickly authenticate products and effectively prevent counterfeit, fake, and poor-quality products.
  • Using anti-counterfeit labels is a low-cost way for businesses to protect their brand.
  • Anti-counterfeit labels will be damaged when removed from the product’s surface, giving you peace of mind.
  • Anti-counterfeit labels are printed with eye-catching colors to attract customers and enhance the product’s aesthetic appeal.

How are anti-counterfeit labels printed?

2D/3D laser beam and Dot-Matrix printing technologies are advanced technologies used to print anti-counterfeit labels. After being printed using these technologies, the anti-counterfeit labels can be applied to the surface of many materials, such as paper, wood, ceramics, etc., with excellent anti-counterfeit ability.

Customers can order printing in batches of 50,000 to 200,000 labels with different shapes depending on their needs and purposes. Typically, the size of a round label is 1×1 cm, an elliptical label is 1.2×1.8 cm, and a rectangular label with rounded corners is 1×2 cm with pre-selected patterns. When the label is peeled off the product, the transparent protective film part of the label will peel off, while the pattern or motif of the label will remain in development and cannot be reused.

Customers can order anti-counterfeit labels from specialized printing companies or, when using product packaging printing services, can be provided with accompanying label printing services, which is quite convenient.

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Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Co., Ltd is a specialized company providing design and printing services for anti-counterfeit labels on all materials, ensuring quality and reasonable prices. If customers use professional product packaging printing services at the company, they will receive special offers when printing labels for their products.


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Printing high-quality anti-counterfeit labels

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