Printing label stickers for products – why not?

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Printing label stickers for products – why not?

Hopcungcaocap – A product with complete detailed information and origin will make customers more trustworthy than those not providing these things. Moreover, printing label stickers for products is a way for businesses to assert ownership rights, avoid counterfeiting, and protect the brand. So why not print label stickers for your products?

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Why print label stickers for products?

Printing label stickers for products will bring practical benefits to businesses, specifically:

  • Versatility: You can stick decals on any product position or put multiple labels with different purposes on one product. You can also easily change the decal design to match the sales program for holidays or refresh the image of the product and brand in customers’ minds.
  • Cost-effective: Decal labels are small-sized, making them a cost-effective choice for small or newly established businesses that want to take their product value to a new level and establish their name in the market.
  • Time and effort-saving: Using and preserving decal labels is easy and takes little time and effort.

As you can see, using decal labels for products is a revolutionary choice that helps businesses build trust with customers and differentiate themselves from thousands of other brands.

Learn about decals

What is a decal?

A decal is a piece of paper that can be stuck onto surfaces, often used as product labels. Decals have a paper backing with a non-stick film, an adhesive layer in the middle, and a surface layer for printing.

A clear decal is a type of decal with a plastic film on both sides, which can be printed on either side. Clear decals have a high-quality adhesive layer that ensures strong adhesion, often used in printing and advertising. Clear decals use UV Pigment ink printing technology, which provides long-lasting color retention.

Paper decals and plastic decals

  1. Paper decal

It is a type of decal printed on paper, which is divided into 2 types: white decal and kraft decal (leather decal).

Paper decals have various shapes, including:

  • Circular, oval decals used for bottles, water bottles
  • Square, rectangular decals used for products with square or box-shaped structures
  • In addition, paper decals also have shapes such as stars, badges, hearts, etc., depending on the purpose of the business.

Decal paper has the advantage of being cheap, so many businesses prefer it. However, printing on decal paper is only suitable for products that are not easily water-resistant, have a short usage time, and are not stored in low temperatures. To increase durability, we can laminate the decal with glossy or matte film, and at this point, you cannot write on the decal when it is not laminated.

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Sample decal paper

  1. Decal plastic

Decal plastic is a type of decal with a surface made from PP (Polypropylene) plastic, which is flexible and has good adhesion. Therefore, decal label stickers made of plastic are often stuck on products with long usage times or stored in unique, harsh environments such as sun, rain, high temperature, high humidity, and cold climate,… Also, the price of decal plastic is higher than that of decal paper.

Decal nhựa comes in two types: clear and opaque, with a structure of four layers as follows:

  • Print layer: This layer contains information about the product printed on transparent or opaque plastic.
  • Thin nylon layer: This layer is applied on top of the print layer to protect the printed details.
  • Adhesive layer: This uses a specialized adhesive that ensures the decal adheres firmly to the surface of the product packaging. This layer is typically a non-residue adhesive to maintain aesthetic appeal, meaning it doesn’t leave any adhesive marks after the decal is peeled off.
  • Base layer: This layer protects the adhesive layer when the decal hasn’t been used yet.

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Sample of transparent plastic decal

Therefore, printing labels and stickers for products does not cost too much but bring practical benefits to businesses, helping them protect their brand and create trust with customers!


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