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Printing service for product packaging

Hopcungcaocap – Do you agree with Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging that the initial impression of product packaging plays an important role, affecting 50% of the purchasing decisions of potential customers? A good quality product with a beautiful, eye-catching packaging design will win customers. So how do we design, print, and produce high-quality product packaging for effective sales and marketing campaigns?

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Product packaging printing process

Producing and printing product packaging will include four steps: design, plate-making, printing, and finishing. Specifically as follows:

Step 1: Product packaging design

This is the first step, where the design and printing team works with the customer to develop design ideas. What will be the size and shape of the packaging? What will be the primary color tone? What will be the main content on the packaging? …

Next, the design team will sketch a design based on the provided information. A complete plan meets the maximum customer requirements, is suitable for marketing and sales campaigns, and has dimensions and shapes that can accommodate, preserve and store the product in specific environments.

Step 2: Plate-making

In this step, the production and printing unit will arrange the printing plate by placing the boxes on the scale in the most optimal way, which helps reduce production costs, thereby reducing the cost of the final packaging product. A sample should be made to check the packaging structure and see if it has the necessary load-bearing capacity and capacity.

The printing unit scans the image, processes the image and makes the printing plate, and transfers this data to the computer for image processing using Photoshop. Then, a test print is made for the customer to approve.

Plate-making creates an image to be printed on aluminum sheets for offset printing or on copper cylinders for later cylinder printing.

Step 3: Carry out packaging printing

Perform image printing using offset printing technology or copper plate printing machine; depending on the characteristics of the product packaging and customer requirements, we choose the appropriate printing technology.

Step 4: Processing finished products

Includes making die-cut molds, box structures, and cutting finished products. Making die-cut molds involves creating grooves (creating ridges) by attaching cutting blades and groove-cutting blades on wooden boards to create die-cut molds. Cut and groove (cut boxes) according to the design shape. Then cut the finished product according to the initial shape and size requirements. Carry out edge gluing of boxes/bags, glue, and process necessary components to complete the product packaging.

Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging – a professional product packaging printing unit

With years of experience designing, printing, and manufacturing product packaging, Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging understands and grasps the process of designing, printing, and manufacturing packaging thoroughly. We focus on every tiny detail, such as color, content layout, and product labels, to ensure that the final product packaging meets customers’ customers’imum requirecustomers’ts and desires.

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A graphic designd with modern machinery and equipment will help customers create the most satisfactory product packaging, save costs, and achieve high efficiency in promoting brand image.

Currently, Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging provides the following services:

  • Production of product packaging, including paper bags, gift boxes, mooncake boxes, Tet gift boxes, food boxes, cosmetic boxes, wine boxes, jewelry boxes, labels, paper shelves, cartons, premium rigid boxes, V-shaped edges, .etc.
  • Graphic design
  • Purchase and sale of roll paper and sheet paper
  • Purchase and sale of printing industry machinery and equipment

With all our capabilities, enthusiasm, and professionalism, Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging is committed to providing the best services and products at reasonable prices, accompanying customers’ success!


With more than 6 years of experience in the paper packaging industry and having established a reputation for the brand on the market, Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Co., Ltd is proud to be a private packaging enterprise in Vietnam that has accompanied many large brands both domestically and internationally.

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