Product display paper shelves – a cost-effective yet highly effective marketing solution

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Product display paper shelves – a cost-effective yet highly effective marketing solution

Have you ever been attracted to milk or sample product display shelves in supermarkets or grocery stores and wondered what they are and how they are designed? Or are you a business looking to learn about and purchase the right display shelves to serve upcoming advertising campaigns or sales programs?

Let’s explore the product display paper shelves and the advantages they bring with Bao Bi Giay Hoang Vuong!

What are product display paper shelves?

This is a popular type of specialized product used to display products in company sales programs and promotions at point-of-sale locations.

Technical requirements

  • When designing and manufacturing paper display shelves, it is vital to ensure that the design content is beautiful, meets the requirements, is eye-catching, and has a suitable size for the displayed product.
  • The printing technique for producing shelves is 4-color offset printing on hardcover paper material, duplex laminated carton. The surface of the frames is treated with techniques such as gloss lamination, raised UV, shaped UV, and hot stamping.

Tips for selecting a paper shelf manufacturing company:

Currently, many companies specialize in designing, printing, and producing paper shelves for displaying products with beautiful designs, durability, and affordable prices for you to choose from. However, it would be best to decide on reputable companies that have designed quality products and a good market reputation.

When placing an order, you should first discuss and check the quality of the paper used to ensure its stiffness and durability. Will it handle the weight of your company’s products when displayed? It would be best if you did not wait until mass production has already taken place before requesting a change in the paper material, as this will affect the time and cost for both parties.

Kệ giấy trưng bày sản phẩm

Beautiful paper display shelves

Advantages of paper display shelves for product display

It is not by chance that many famous brands choose paper shelves as display equipment for their products. Paper display shelves have many advantages over other types of shelves, such as iron or wooden shelves, and offer many practical benefits, such as:

  • Paper display shelves are convenient, easy to assemble, transport, and suitable for display in supermarkets, shopping centers, grocery stores, or markets.
  • The shelves are lightweight and easy to fold and store when not in use.
  • With vivid and eye-catching designs, patterns, and accents, the paper display shelves will help make the displayed products more appealing and attract customers.
  • When damaged or no longer in use, paper shelves will not cause pollution or harm when disposed of as they are made from 100% recycled paper, which is environmentally friendly.
  • The price of paper shelves is much lower than traditional metal or wooden frames, so you can continuously use new designs that are suitable for advertising campaigns and recent product sales.
  • The shelves are printed with high-quality offset printing on beautiful paper that meets ISO, FSC standards, modern and luxurious.
  • In addition to displaying products, the attractive printed shelves help companies effectively promote their image and brand to customers, thereby increasing sales.

Creative ideas for making paper shelves

Recently, you noticed that your family has some unused cardboard boxes, and you want to use these surplus boxes to make paper shelves to store your belongings. This would be a great idea that is convenient and refreshing for your space.

Prepare the materials:

  • Some used cardboard boxes, which can be used to make shelves. It would be best if you chose offset-printed high-quality packages to make the shelves more eye-catching and durable.
  • Tape, paint, glue, scissors…
  • Decorative paper in various colors
  • Paper clips, thumbtacks, pens


After having enough materials, we sketch the shelf’s shape and structure. If you want a frame with unique colors and your style, you can paint the surface of the cardboard box and let it dry before cutting and assembling it.

Proceed to cut the cardboard box into appropriate sizes and assemble them into a model like the initial sketch. At this step, you must measure and calculate carefully to ensure the shelf is symmetrical and sturdy. Note that you need to consider the sturdiness of the paper shelf you make to display suitable weighted items!

You can refer to more detailed videos on how to make a paper shelf before implementing it:

Above are the detailed shares about the display paper shelf: What is a display paper shelf? The advantages and benefits of the paper display shelf. Hopefully, it has partly answered your questions.

For beautiful, high-quality printed and designed products made from cardboard, please get in touch with us for advice and order!


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