Professional label printing service

Professional label printing service

With the development of the economy today, the circulation of goods in the market is increasing in large quantities. Therefore, businesses often use labels attached to products to represent the company’s image to promote their brand. Therefore, companies should be wise in choosing the type of label or reputable printing facilities for themselves. Let’s learn more about the professional label printing service through the article below.

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Label printing helps consumers identify different products

General information on label printing

People often print labels to attach to products before they are brought to the market. Label printing helps consumers identify different products. In addition, a professional label printing service also helps businesses control and track the products they produce. Besides, regulatory agencies can properly manage the circulation of goods in the market according to the state’s regulations based on product labels.

Based on their usage purposes, labels are divided into 7 types as follows:

  • (1) Product information labels, also known as product labels: are commonly used to display product information such as name, function, usage instructions, production date, expiration date, etc.
  • (2) Warranty labels: used to track the purchase date of a product for convenient warranty purposes.
  • (3) Postage labels: specifically used by post offices in their postal system.
  • (4) Anti-counterfeit labels, also known as security labels: help distinguish counterfeit, fake, and genuine products, protecting consumer interests.
  • (5) Warning labels: often used to notify users of how to use devices or alert them of potential hazards.
  • (6) Security Labels: used to secure an organization’s or business’s information, such as USB ports, phone cameras, etc.
  • (7) Inventory labels: used to label tools and company assets for convenient management and tracking purposes.

Moreover, each type of label will use different label materials.

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Based on their usage purposes, labels are divided into 7 types

Why should you print labels?

Printing labels helps businesses create a brand impression. Therefore, printing labels is necessary if you want customers to pay attention to your products. Here are some specific reasons why you should print labels:

  • (1) Printing labels provide information about the product, such as company address, brand name, manufacturing date, and expiration date…
  • (2) Helps consumers distinguish different businesses or genuine products from counterfeit ones.
  • (3) Convenient for sorting, storing, and differentiating various models and types easily.
  • (4) Maximizes cost savings for the business.
  • (5) Printing labels helps to affirm the brand and create trust in the quality of the product.

Therefore, professional label printing services for products are very important. It helps consumers trust and quickly choose to buy products from the business.

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Printing labels helps businesses create a brand imprint.

The benefits of choosing professional label printing services at Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Company

In the past few years, due to the rapid development of the market economy, there are increasingly more printing facilities and services available. However, to choose a reputable and quality printing facility, businesses are still very skeptical. Come to Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Company to get advice on label printing and receive the following benefits:

  • When a business order cheap labels and does not have a specific printing template, we will provide free design advice and introduce some free templates.
  • Prices are much cheaper than the market because Hoang Vuong Company uses a closed production process, so the cost for businesses to use our services is low.
  • With a team of professionally trained and experienced staff, we ensure that customers are always satisfied with the quality and appearance of label printing products.
  • With modern equipment and large capacity, we always ensure that orders with large quantities are delivered on time and meet design requirements.

Contact us now to place an order and receive free professional label printing advice!

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