Professional Printing Design Services

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Professional Printing Design Services

Printing design plays a vital role and is an essential factor in sales and marketing. A professional printing design and service will help you bring your products and brand closer to potential customers without difficulty.

The work of design and printing

Design and printing are two critical stages in designing and producing product packaging. It makes the product packaging more lively and attractive than ever. Playing an essential role in advertising, design, and printing helps businesses promote the image of their products and brands to customers.

Usually, production companies cannot both produce and handle the design (or printing) process and often require the support of other professional printing design service companies. That is also the reason why many companies specialize in providing design services to provide strong support for manufacturing businesses.

High-end product label design template

Brand identity

People often think of the brand identity system when it comes to design and printing. A sound brand identity system is a tool that helps businesses have a strong start and sustainable development, thereby contributing to increasing revenue and business efficiency. The brand identity of a company typically includes the following:

  • (1) Logo: The main symbol of the brand
  • (2) Office product suite, including Name card + Letterhead + envelope, etc.
  • (3) Marketing product suite, including Brochure, leaflet, catalog, website, etc.

Dịch vụ thiết kế

Printing design plays a vital role and is an essential factor in sales and marketing

Print design products

1. Catalog – Profile – Brochure – Flyer – Poster

The outstanding products in print design services include Catalogue – Profiles – Brochure – Flyer – Poster. Among them:

  • Catalogs are used to introduce the most outstanding products of a brand to customers. It uniquely and attractively displays the products’ images and details. Therefore, designing a catalog requires careful research and layout to create a beautiful and eye-catching design that highlights the exceptional features of the products that the business/brand wants customers to know.
  • Profiles are documents that introduce a company’s vision, mission, business sector, and professionalism to customers.
  • Brochures and flyers are often compared to “silent sales warriors” because they act as a bridge between products and customers. To highlight the product’s advantages compared to competitors, brochures and flyers always focus on sales and profit. Therefore, designing brochures and flyers requires skill, sophistication, and the ability to appeal to customers’ psychology.
  • Also serving as an effective advertising and sales tool, posters play a role in directly conveying information. Signs are usually used for events, marketing campaigns, and large-scale brand promotion. In poster design, the focus is primarily on the image – conveying information more effectively and impressively than words.

2. Packaging – Paper bags

Designing paper packaging/paper bags for products is an innovative, cost-effective choice. In addition to containing products, packaging, and paper bags are essential marketing tools to bring brands closer to customers.

A well-designed, unique, high-quality packaging or paper bag will make customers love and reuse it multiple times. From there, more people will know about your brand, have a good impression, become familiar with it, and influence their buying behavior later.

Thiết kế bao bì

The paper bag design features unique designs using modern printing technology.

These designs will be printed using the most advanced printing technologies available today, such as offset printing, flexo printing, digital printing, etc., to produce high aesthetic products that meet customers’ utmost desire.

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With over 13 years of experience in the field of paper packaging and creating a reputation for our brand in the market. Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Company Limited is proud to be a private packaging enterprise in Vietnam, accompanying many large brands inside and outside the country.

Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging Company Limited always accompanies your company on the journey of seeking creativity, seeking innovation and differentiation. Your success is our achievement and also the motivation for us to continue to be more creative and professional.

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