Revealing 7 steps to design beautiful and quality product packaging

Thiết kế bao bì sản phẩm

Revealing seven steps to design beautiful and quality product packaging

A detailed and perfect process is required to design beautiful and quality packaging. Each step in the process directly affects the story the business tells through its product packaging. Let’s join Hoang Vuong Paper Packaging to discover the seven steps in designing beautiful, quality product packaging below.

Thiết kế bao bì sản phẩm

Step 1: Understanding the packaging layers

Before designing packaging, it is necessary to understand the three layers of product packaging: the product layer, the inner layer, and the outer layer. However, your product may only require one or all three layers mentioned above.

The product layer is the layer that directly contacts the product and can be a cake box, a labeled bottle, or a paper wrapper for candy.

The inner layer of the packaging is the part that protects and keeps the product safe (after the outer layer).

The outer layer of packaging is the part that separates the product from the outside and can be a box, a bag, or any other material that you use to place the product inside.

Each layer is a story, an opportunity for businesses to create intimacy with their customers.

Step 2: Choosing the appropriate packaging type

There are many different types of packaging for businesses, including wooden boxes, paper boxes, fabric bags, paper bags, crates, bottles, jars, or any material that makes the business’s product more beautiful and unique. However, choosing the appropriate packaging type for potential customers is essential to achieve the best business effectiveness and production cost optimization.

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Unique packaging design template

Step 3: Plan the printing of the product packaging

Printing the product packaging is a task you must calculate and discuss with the design and manufacturing unit beforehand. This will help you determine the cost and quality before mass production. Therefore, you need to select and agree on the following in advance:

  • The mold and sample fit the size of the product.
  • The correct design file format.
  • The appropriate color selection and make sure the printed product matches the design.
  • What type of printing does the manufacturer choose? What are the differences in quality and price?

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Having a detailed printing plan will help produce beautiful and quality packaging.

Step 4: Arrange information structure logically

To create a good impression with customers from the first moment they see the product, choose the essential information you want customers to know about it and place it in the center. You can also use great images and a unique slogan to highlight on the packaging. Necessary information that customers don’t need to remember immediately can be placed in other, less critical locations.

Step 5: Evaluate the packaging design

After selecting, arranging, and ideating the design, you need to evaluate it to make better improvements, if required, based on criteria such as:

  • Do customers understand your product easily? No one pays for things that are vague or not well-understood.
  • Does the product packaging stand out on store shelves? Is it easy to see and recognize? How does it look when placed next to the competitor’s product?

Step 6: Collect feedback on the product packaging design

Before selecting the final design template, please send them to existing customers, some loyal customers, or random customers to collect their feedback and evaluations on this design template. This will help verify whether your packaging design conveys the right content and necessary messages.

Step 7: Format the product packaging design file

After finalizing the packaging design template, the last step is to check the standard file format and color to have beautiful and high-quality products when printed. Choose vector files such as .ai, .pdf, .eps, and Pantone or CMYK color code instead of RGB.

After sharing the product packaging design process above, I hope you will have beautiful and quality designs as expected.

If you need advice, answers, or design, printing, and packaging manufacturing for high-quality, unique products that effectively convey messages, please get in touch with us immediately!


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